Global Money Week: CBN Takes Financial Literacy Training to Secondary Schools

Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN
Central Bank of Nigeria

Global Money Week: CBN Takes Financial Literacy Training to Secondary Schools


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Thursday took its financial literacy programme to secondary schools to educate students on how to manage their finances responsibly and secure their financial future.

Mr. Nuhu Othniel, Acting Director of the Consumer Protection Department at the CBN, spoke to students at the Federal Government Secondary School, Gwagwa, Abuja, during the programme.

Mr. Othniel said the initiative aims to educate young Nigerians, especially secondary school students, about financial management even though they may still be dependent on their parents or guardians.

According to him: “We at the CBN are interested in educating you about money even though we know that you are not working yet because we want to catch you young.

“Today’s topic is financial literacy. It’s different from your regular studies because even highly educated people can struggle with money management. We are here to teach you how to save, even with the gifts and allowances you receive from family and friends.”

The Director urged the students to begin developing a habit of saving for their future. He added that parents are encouraged to open bank accounts for their children even before they turn 18.

He said: “We want you to develop a habit of saving for your future. Your parents can open bank accounts for you until you turn 18. This way, by the time you become adults and enter the workforce, you will already have a strong foundation in saving.”

While speaking earlier, the Principal Mr. Abdullahi Musa Zakari expressed his appreciation to the bank for choosing his school among many in the FCT.

“Consider yourselves fortunate to have this opportunity. The CBN is here to provide you with financial literacy training that will benefit you throughout your lives. Pay close attention and actively participate so you can get the most out of this programme. Remember, this training is designed to empower you,” he told the students.