Emefiele: From Class to Crass, by Ejike E Okpa

Emefiele: From Class to Crass, by Ejike E Okpa


Former Nigeria CBN Gov Godwin Emefiele is the fight for life and now goes around clutching a Bible like a “motorpark preacher” seeking salvation.

The longest serving CBN Gov, Emefiele, a retail banker, turned the apex bank as a personal piggy bank and ran it like a petty cash operation.

He did as he wanted and saw to it that the institution considered a LENDER OF LAST RESORT lent to anyone who asked or wanted. While on the throne, he even without resigning was running for president – what an effontry, but he didn’t know he was running out of steam. When it dawned on him, his days were numbered, and he wanted to make it for the borders, he was nabbed like a petty criminal and taken into custody.

What a fall from class to crass.

I met Emefiele through his inlaw Omoile, who brought him to Okpa Hut, when he was at Zenith Bank. We developed a relationship exchanged calls and texts. When he was appointed, I lamented that a retail banker does not make a good central bank governor. Just like Sanusi before him, Nigeria got double sad cases of SQUARE HEADS IN ROUND HOLES.

May justice prevail, and may Emefiele get his days in court. The allegations are too heavy, but he may beat it.

Don’t expect the sun to rise from the west – but with Nigerians, anything is possible even when it is always highly improbable.

Now shoot after chewing on it.

Ejike E OKPA
Global Affairs Analyst