Coups Mongers and Democracy in Nigeria, by Ejike E. Okpa

Ejike E. Okpa
Ejike E. Okpa

Coups Mongers and Democracy in Nigeria, by Ejike E. Okpa

When Egypt Mubarak was toppled and current guy replaced him – people thought it was not possible. Democracy is not a panacea for economic development if its virtues are truncated to only serve a click.

Since 1999, things have been falling apart for Nigeria because in a quarter of a century, no sector in Nigeria has emerged to give hope to hapless Nigerians.

Instead, desperation and destitute are evidence of horrible governance often anchored on “IT IS MY TURN I WILL DO AS I SEE FIT.”

In 1999, when Obasanjo came in on his 2nd missionary journey, having stayed away including doing time for alleged coup, Naira exchange rate to the US dollar was about N100 – meaning about $11,000. In Obasanjo’s, 8 years of rudderless drift, Nigeria realized its highest revenue from oil before Obasanjo angling to elongate his tenure toiling with a 3rd term had to leave because Senator Ken Nnamani led Senate shut it down. None of the subsequent presidents grasped any tenet of how to stabilize the Naira instead Nigeria became a “hand-me-down-fiefdom” whereby outgoing picked their successor damaging the very essence of democracy that ought to allow the people elect their president.

Instead, it is a SELECTION exercise. The rumor about the coup may be without fire, but things are seriously adrift in Nigeria.

The executive and legislative arms are scrambling, appearing to be clueless, proffering immediate solutions to ameliorate the daily crushing “suffering-while-smiling” culture of existence, is a dry run.

A military comeback is not a solution because a Nigerian wore military uniform and dropped it for “agbada” does not change the inherent nature of the Nigerians who mostly is myopic and disposed to tribal conducts.

It is Nigerians undermining themselves because the essence of nation-building is lost on many, so the cycle of endless pains without hope of gains is repeated. Some things have to give, but don’t expect the sun to rise from the west.

May the peculiar God that appeals to Nigerians give them the fortitude to accept their collective contributions to their situation while at the same time reminding them they can’t expect positive outcomes doing the same things.

Best wishes but wishes without WILL will not change anything.

If democracy has any relevance by now, Naira should not be at its eroding trend.

That singular Naira erosion is an indictment that 25 years and counting the leadership and the led are in the same stormy weather.

Nothing matters if the piles of money in Nigeria are like air – quicksand.

Ejike E Okpa Global Affairs Analyst.