1. What is the business of CAN in this, is Plateau state government a branch of CAN that the CAN will determine who it will run business with? Is just like saying Jamaatul Nasiril Islam reject the construction of Kaduna Main market by Fidelity Bank, do you thin Kaduna State Government will listen to them ?

    • This is very simple and clear, if they (CAN) and others think it’s against their wish that JAIZ BANK is giving the mandate to reconstructs the
      market let the chance be offered to them and see if they have system that is profitable and interest free with little charges that is going to favor the state as well.

  2. I wonder why everything has turned to religion what does building of market has to do with religion or CAN?
    Is better for plateau people to open their eyes and see progress and development,is this CAN or what ever you called it that are creating problem to this state. So we muslems that are plateau indigene we are no longer have saying in anything. Please allow peace to train and development to come to plateau.

  3. You know that the main market was intentionally burnt and destroyed due to this kind of nepotism/tribalism and the kind of level of religious differences in the State by some kind of those people with such kind of negative attitude and bad mind.
    And am hereby to remind CAN if they have forgotten that the Jos main market does not belong to one tribe or one religion or the other but to any other kind of people that you may not think of. If that is the case we can say that Jaiz Bank is not reconstructing the market for only the benefit of the Muslims but including the Christians!
    What Jaiz Bank is trying to do is to revive the economic activities for economic growth and development in the State when you look at it from economic perspective, but for CAN I don’t know what perspective they are looking at for rejecting the project. The CAN rejection of the project is either a good economic plan or otherwise.

  4. I suggest that jaiz Bank should avoid investments in such a state envying make them Burt the market with this it can still happen in future.

  5. CAN has become too political not to register as a political party. They act like politicians in all ramifications . Only politicians openly throw away public interest for selfish interest…


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