1. There was a policy initiated since 2018 for workers or contributors to be able to use certain % of their contributed pension for mortgage which is yet to see the light of the day. I call
    upon the Management to make this possible in order to alleviate the the suffering of homeless pensioner. It is not good enough to be showing huge saves while contributors are suffering. Meanwhile, government or politicians should desist from eyeing the fund it will only lead to total collapse of PENCON. Thanks

  2. Savings for the benefit of owners of pension fund companies who feast on pension funds, while owners of the funds (workers) are impoverished.
    Public contributory retirees receiving their lump sum and first monthly pension payment fifteen months after retirement and denied their constitutional rights under section 173(3) of the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria,why would contributory public retirees and public workers not demand for the dismantling of the CPS managed by private pension managers

    The federal government should remove pension funds from private pension managers who trade with pension funds for their private gains.


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