1. To add to your news story, the corruption in NSCDC is the worst I have ever seen in this country. I think the CG’s of NSCDC tenure should be investigated. Since last week, I was told that, the junior officers promotion result released, it’s only those who pay as high as N60,000 to N100,000.00 got promotion letters. Even those that did not seat for the exams also got promotion letter. Is sad. In my opinion, it wll be better for all this promotion exercise be cancelled and re-taken again so that, those who merit it got it.

    • Haba now, this your story is not true o. You sound as if the CG collected bribe. Well he did not and be aware that i did not benefit in the board promotion. As for fake results in NSCDC YES YES YES and YES. That issue should be addressed by ICPC and the DSS. It is just too much o…i never see.

  2. To add more ,
    The issue of fake result is getting too much in NSCDC . All in the name moving to the superintendent cader .
    The president should help us visit this issue so that people who have original result will not suffer.

  3. Dear sir/ma
    June 1st marks my 9th year in service,i waited for my probation before proceeding in my education,i was admitted into a university where i attained my decree certificate but after my success at school,have been so devastated and cried all day for the lord’s mercy,i payed huge amount to sustain my promotion but all to no avail,i did my work deligently without any hinderance to my daily routin(my work),i slept under a stair case in a state where i forwarded my permission to study letter to,,inother to able to have a complete and genuine result,,couple of years ago,i waa called upon for verification inwhich i came out gallant(victory).,later to know that we have been put in a fix deposit without any yield of interest,we have been treated like a puppet,which most of us have been carried away by the scavangers,Sir,this is my right and my hope because i am a true citizen of this great country,please i urge you reader to try and do something for us that has nobody except our lord jesus christ,to come to our aid..God reform prison’s department…God bless Nigeria

  4. Since 2002 have being a volunteer in nscdc patispate fully in all duties, wen it was time for general recruitmennt 80% of d volunteers were noabsolved. Its so painful people DAT did not labour at all are d once enjoying it bcos we have God father. Haaa aboluri c.g na wa oooo

  5. I stand to be corrected. Go to NSCDC and you will marveled on the level of corruption. This is a body formed by Government less than 15 years official but I think, NSCDC are worst than NPF in terms of corruption. The last promotion of junior officers in NSCDC is a total shame. I have a close relative because, she did not give money, she was not given her promotion letter. Even those that did not seat for the exams, are the one getting the promotion upon payment of huge sums of money. why? I was told that, because, the CG of NSCDC is leaving for retirement, all the officers that work with him are been given double promotion or elevation to a very high rank. Is a shame because, those that are suppose to be fighting corruption are right there enjoying the proceeds. I sincerely pray that GMB can reverse and revisit the current promotion exercise in NSCDC. God bless Nigeria

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