Places To Visit In Nigeria

Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan and South Sudan, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, North Korea, Colombia are officially the most dangerous countries in the world to visit in 2013. Despite the threats of insurgencies in the North Eastern parts of Nigeria, and orchestrated cases of kidnappings in the south, Nigeria is still one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries of the world with flora and fauna
Azumini Blue River Rose
Azurnini Blue River is located in Abia State towards its boundary with Akwa lbom State. The River has become a resort for tourists because of the pleasantness it offers. The attractive features of the River include its crystal-clear blue water; canoe rides; sandy beaches with such relaxation facilities as chairs and tables. At the beach also, BBQ grill are delicacies provided for picnickers.
Ibeno Beach
One of the numerous fine beaches in Nigeria is the Ibeno Beach in Akwa lbom State. A lover of water sport finds the Beach which stretches to James town on the Atlantic most inviting.  In Eket Local government council, you can’t go wrong if you visit Ibeno beach, this beach is so clean and free from beach touts.
From the beautiful ambience and sparkling sand of Ibeno Beach, the natural horizon of Eastern Obolo Island, the aesthetic scenery and lush setting of Ukanafun Blue River to the splendour of Oron Beach, the potentials for a new destination for local and international tourists, visitors and investors alike abound in the ‘Land of Promise.’
There is a generous display of the best of man-made and natural tourism potentials.  A visit to habour towns such as Oron, Mbo and Ikot Abasi is a tale of the huge volume of business interests these areas used to generate in the past. The interesting story is that they are coming back as the state opens up for business and investments in virtually all its sectors.
There is a handful of attractions as in its sister state – the Biafrian soldiers cave takes you to the past and allows you decide the future, the Mary Slessor’s cairn at Ibiono is worth seeing, and the Oron Park.  A trail of the slave trade route at Ikot Abasi, the 1929 Aba Women Riot Centre, and divisional office of Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard built in 1912, among others, are characteristics definition of a genuine tourism haven.
Following after the feats of Cross River, its sister state, Akwa Ibom seems to be opening up for investments in the tourism and business sectors and hopefully wants to reroute tourist traffic to the state.
No doubt, these rich tourism potentials were reasons the state is embarking on different environmental and infrastructural development to build a formidable platform to drive the state practical tourism campaign for a sustainable economic activities.
One of the numerous fine beaches in Nigeria is the Ibeno Beach in Akwa lbom State. A lover of water sport finds the Beach which stretches to James town on the Atlantic most inviting. It is one of the most outstanding natural tourist attractions in the State as it stretches over 90 kilometres of natural white sand bar along the Atlantic coast line of the State and provides excellent opportunities for water sport and ocean beach oriented tourism for Nigerians and foreigners. Its all year-round unfloaded clean sand banks which beams with coral reefs make it very unique. Mobil Nigeria Unlimited shares the same boundary with the beach close to its off-shore oil drilling operations. Also, the beach is a potential haven for the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), tourism-thirsty expatriates, cruising to and from Calabar, the premier EPZ which lies closely to the north of the beach. It numbers among the top ten (10) soothing and hide-way reputable resorts nationally and regionally and is capable of commanding World tourist attention.


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