Stakeholders Endorse Kano Economic Blueprint

Stakeholders Endorse Kano Economic Blueprint

Over 500 stakeholders drawn from all socio-political spheres unanimously endorsed an economic blueprint designed by Shekarau administration to reposition the economic and commercial sectors of the state.


At a meeting with the stakeholders Governor Shekarau said that the blueprint would make the state less dependent on statutory allocation, stressing that “the economic roadmap of the state will be a guide to the successive government that will come in.”


Governor Shekarau attributed the rapid economic development in the state to the massive support and cooperation the government was getting from the general public, saying that the state is one of the fastest growing states in the area of economic improvement.


He said the programmes and policies in the blueprint have the potentials of rejuvenating the economic status of the state. Stressing that the revenue target of the state is expected to hit one billion Naira mark annually. He added that by the year 2015, Kano State will generate over N8 billion revenue which will make the state self-reliant.


Shekarau assured of his preparedness to leave an enduring legacy that will provide a roadmap for successful administration, pointing out that his successor will have something to rely on for the development of the state.


The Governor, who also tabled the state government’s policies and programmes from 2003 to date before the large gathering of the stakeholders, cited the example of Lagos State Government that generates huge amount of revenue without depending on federal allocations.


According to him, the stakeholders’ meeting is an avenue designed by government to brief stakeholders on the state of the state irrespective of political leaning.


“My administration, since its inception in 2003, decided to be summoning this gathering of respected Kano stakeholders to inform them of our action plans and seek their guidance and support before taking action,” Shekarau said.


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