Nigeria the Paradox

Nigeria the Paradox! So enviably endowed with great human and natural resources, but yet so beleaguered in its efforts to attain a livable standard of socioeconomic development and political stability. I am in essence calling for a march on Washington DC, London, Paris, Brussels, Bonn, China, Tokyo and Moscow by Nigerians living in these countries on October 1st 2010 the 50th anniversary of our dear country. We really have nothing to celebrate on October 1st, 2010. That day should be a day for reflection; how and where did we derail into such a mess and what must be done to get us back on the path towards sustainable economic development. October 1st, 2010 must be a day for reflection and not a day for celebration.  

Who would have believed that 50 years after independence, Nigeria would boast of the worst record in infant mortality, security of lives and property, education, health care, infrastructure, environmental protection, corruption and gender balance. Such a march will be timely, as it will happen just months before the 2011 elections, which the PDP is prepared to rig with impunity at all levels. The message at the march to these countries must be clear! IMPOSE SEVERE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS ON ANY ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT AND DENY THEM RECOGNITION.


The major importers of Nigerian crude oil (US, France and the UK) should not only think about protecting their strategic interest in Nigeria; it is also important for them to use their economic power to assist any indigenous effort aimed at protecting the civil liberties and fundamental rights of the Nigerian people to enthrone a government of their choice. The hunt of the dilemma of rogue governance is already unfolding with the attempted bombing of a US airliner by a Nigerian Islamic radical. The US and other economic powers must heed the admonitions of Samuel P. Huntington in his book the “Clash of Civilizations”.


Africa was the theater of the cold war, when alliances were forged along ideological believes. Today the weak regulatory environment caused by illegitimate governments in Africa could become the new breeding ground for terrorist, as new alliances no longer reflect a shared ideology, but a shared civilization. Luckily for us, democratic ideals are readily more acceptable to the majority of the world’s people including Nigerians, than any other form of “civilization”. The US and its allies in the free world should seize this opportunity, and strengthen African countries with governments elected by the people, for the people and of the people.


Lastly, let us always remember that the mess Nigeria is in today is Olusegun Obasanjo’s parting gift to Nigeria supported by the PDP.

Larry Esin

National Chairman PPA


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