Kano State Proposed 2010 Budget

Address by His Excellency, the Governor of Kano State, Malam (Dr) Ibrahim Shekarau, Sardaunan Kano 

To the Kano State House of Assembly on the Proposed 2010 Budget
Muharram 7, 1431A.H 

December 23, 2009



All praise and gratitude are due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. May the blessings of Allah be upon our exalted Prophet, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, his companions, the members of his family and all those who tread their path till the Day of Judgement.

2. Mr Speaker, when I first addressed this House six years ago, I pledged before you the commitment of my Administration to serve and to uplift the lives of citizens of Kano State. I pledged to work closely with you all, as representatives of the people, in partnership not partisanship. I also pledged before you the commitment of my administration to work with all people of goodwill to realize those objectives for which we were voted. Some members who first heard of that pledge have gone, having served their mandate; and some have remained, to continue the duty of public office.

 3. As we come to the frontiers of a new decade, I wish to restate to you and to the good people of Kano that so long as I am governor, every day and on every public matter brought before me, the quest for building a better future for our people will shape all our decision.  On this enterprise, our administration will continue to keep faith; and to strive to serve all our people without discrimination, acrimony, fear or favour. And for this enterprise, I submit myself; and I ask you all to let this be the basis of our cooperation.

4. Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members of the House, today I am pleased to stand before you to present the 2010 Appropriation Bill tagged “Budget of Sustainable Economic Growth and Development 2010”. The year 2009 has its good side, but it has its fault, too, at least in terms of revenue required to fund the budget. It is common knowledge that the world economic meltdown had meant less income for our federation, and in turn for our state. Thus the consequence of dependence on revenue from the Federation account, that has continued to characterize the status of our state, clearly underscores the urgency for doing all we can, the executive branch, you, the legislative branch of government and the people to make Kano a self reliant and sustainable state.

5. We must diligently work cooperatively to change that irritating status of Kano from a state largely funded by Federal allocation to one funded mainly by its internally generated revenue. I am confident this can be done without returning to the decades long abolished poll tax regime; but through strengthening the capacity of our internal revenue agency, and provided businesses, commercial institutions, property owners and the media discharge their civic responsibilities.

6. Also, in face of poor revenue performance of the outgoing year, the contribution to the Roadmap for Economic Growth programme envisaged for the year did not prove possible; with local governments struggling to meet their commitments, the six billion naira contribution from that tier of government was not received. As a result of this, it was not possible to embark upon all the projects of the Roadmap slated for this year.  While this sordid experience had imposed limitations on our plans and programs for the development of our dear state, we remain focused in our vision and determination to continue to build a credible foundation for the sustainable economic growth and development of Kano State. It is against this background that I find it relevant to reflect on some of the accomplishments made in the implementation of the 2009 Budget.


Review of the Implementation of the 2009 Budget

7. Honourable Members, in the area of Shari’ah implementation, our agencies have continued to attract commendation from various organizations outside the state as their programs have been adopted by other states.  Administrative Secretaries have been appointed for the Islamic Centers in the Local Government Areas, thus making the centers functional. The Shari’ah Commission has extended empowerment packages worth N130 million to 2,685 Imams, their deputies and Muezzins.  In line with the teachings of the Shari’ah, the Government has remained consistent in settling pension claims hence over N3.4 billion has been expended as payment for monthly pensions, gratuity, pension arrears and final death benefits in 2009.

8. In the area of human resource development additional 5868 workers have been employed by the State Government bringing the total number of State employees to 37,388. The sum of N400,062,986:88 was expended in training over 600 members of staff of various organizations in the year 2009. For the first time in the history of our dear state some of our specialized Medical personnel were sponsored for training in collaboration with the University Teaching Hospital Magdeburg Federal Republic of Germany. Similarly, salary packages were reviewed upwards from HATISS to CONTISS for tertiary institutions and CONAUSS for Kano State University of Science and Technology. While some allowances were enhanced for Health Sector workers and the new teachers salary structure has been fully implemented.

9. We have continued to accord Education the highest priority at all levels in our human development efforts. The State Government provided funds to the State Polytechnic to meet the accreditation requirements and fortunately many of the courses have been accredited. Similarly, the Kano State College of Arts and Remedial Studies has been adjudged as one of the best of such schools in Nigeria scoring the best position in the IJMB Examination in many science and arts courses. Over 30,000 continuing students have benefited from scholarships allowances worth over N300 million.

10. Similarly, over N70 million was extended to over 400 post graduate and undergraduate students pursuing various courses outside the country. The State Government also paid N30 million registration fees for 150 Law Students. The State Secondary School Management Board recruited 2974 additional academic staff for our secondary schools in 2009.  In our efforts to expand science education a new science secondary school has been established and 73 additional academic staff have been recruited for the science and technical secondary schools. The State Universal Basic Education Board expended the sum of over N1.3 billion on capital projects in 2009. The Board has constructed 143 new classrooms and renovated 224 others.

11. Consistent with our commitment to improve human capacity and infrastructure in our health institutions we have recruited additional 525 medical personnel. We have also initiated post graduate training, for the first time in the history of the State, in Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital; and the program has been accredited. More than 500,000 have benefitted from our free maternity program and this helped in reducing our maternal mortality rate. Similarly, more than 90,000 accident and emergency victims have benefitted from our free healthcare services. We have also collaborated with development partners who assessed our health facilities and commitment to healthcare delivery and supported our Drug Revolving Fund Program in which drugs and consumables worth over N600 million were distributed in 2009. 

12. Agriculture is the most productive sector of our economy and it has always received the attention of our administration since we assumed office in 2003. In the 2009 Budget we committed more than 9% of our total expenditure to agriculture and the sector has performed creditably. The sum of N3.2billion was expended in the purchase of assorted fertilizer at the subsidized rate of N1000 per bag. Over 2,000 metric tons of assorted grains were also purchased and sold to the public to contain shortages. Similarly, 272 new tractors were purchased at the cost of over N600 million and distributed to farmers and farmer groups at 50% subsidy.

13. In our efforts to make agriculture a viable sector of the economy we obtained the services of the world renown MARDITECH of Malaysia who assessed our dams, designed the irrigation fields they command and also carried scientific soil mapping of the areas; this was the first time a detailed soil mapping was carried out in the history of our state. Similarly, our Paddy Rice Program has commenced with two successful pilot schemes; the aim is to increase rice production from the current rate of 250,000 metric tons per annum to annual rate of over 600,000 metric in the next few years.

14. Mr. Speaker, honourable members, in our efforts to attract investments to our central business district to boost economic activities contracts for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of major roads in the metropolis have been awarded, and work has reached advanced stage in most of these roads. Similarly, many on-going urban roads have been completed in 2009. Already some investors have indicated their interest in providing hospitality services; this I am happy to note is partly as a result of the improvement in infrastructure in the metropolis.

15. The State Government has paid compensation for land worth over N1 billion for development projects including the Kanawa Market, Mass Housing Scheme at Umarawa Village and University of Medicine in Bichi. These projects were initiated under the Public Private Partnership initiative of our Administration as a result of the confidence the investors have in the management of the affairs of Kano State.

16. Some strategic roads linking our local government areas have also been completed. These include Tofa to Dawakin Tofa, Yan Audu to Lajawa, Kibiya to Garko, Dungurawa to Tattarawa to Jalli, Gidan Sarki to Dorayi Link Road and Zaria Road to Dawakin Kudu. Bridges along Janguza to Durum to Kabo to Karaye have been awarded at the cost of N1,425,367,656:45. Nata’ala Bridge in Tudun Wada Local Government Area has also been awarded at the cost of N721,932,091:24.

17. In the area of Rural Infrastructure, we committed the sum of over N3.8 billion which was expended by the Ministry of Rural and Community Development and its agencies in the provision of rural infrastructure which include access roads, boreholes and electricity transformers and facilities. As a result of these commitments, more rural communities have been provided with potable water and electricity.

The 2010 Budget

18. Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, coming at the turn of the decade, the 2010 budget represents a milestone; once again, an opportunity for all of us elected representatives of the people to renew our commitment to the good people of Kano. So that every day and on every public matter brought before us, public purpose alone will shape our decisions. Only if we do that can we live up to the expectations of our people, and only if we do that can we help build Kano State of the future, the Kano  we want for ourselves and for generations yet to come.

19. The year 2010 is indeed critical to our Administration because, in keeping our pledge, we intend to complete the projects that we initiated before we hand over in 2011 insha-Allah. Moreover, our administration is working to strengthen governance and to develop a 10 year development plan based on the aspirations of our people as inscribed in our Economic Development Roadmap and Rolling Plan. The aim of this exercise is to harmonize and articulate these development aspirations in a single document that we call Kano State Roadmap for Development [KSRD]. Over all, this is motivated by the prospects of implementing a long term plan for Kano irrespective of the government in power. The 2010 Budget draws its inspiration from this Economic Development Plan.

20. Mr. Speaker, Honorable members of the Assembly, the Budget I am presenting to you is tagged “Budget for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development 2010” in continuation of our pursuit for economic growth, so that in the coming years Kano State will prosper and become self reliant. The total size of the proposed budget is N110,304,351,470 made up of a recurrent expenditure of N48,867,547,508 and capital expenditure component of N61,623,803,962. The proposal is expected to be funded from a total recurrent revenue receipt of N89,391,244,914 (Federally Collected Revenue and IGR) and capital receipts of N21,100,106,556 (Grants and Miscellaneous Capital Receipts).  Therefore, the Budget for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development is a balance budget 

21. Mr. Speaker, in line with our vision to build a virile and sustainable Kano State, let me again crave your indulgence to present our planned programs in the various sectors for 2010.


22. Mr. Speaker, you may kindly recall our vision, contained in our Economic Development Roadmap that I introduced in my first Budget Speech to this Honourable House in the second term of our administration. The vision is to integrate and expand agriculture far beyond its current subsistence level and make it a major source of economic growth and development. Over the last three years, we have initiated the steps that will make us achieve this goal. For the year 2010 we are committing a total of N9,300,000,000 to Agriculture.

23. As part of measures to create wealth for our rural populace we intend to commence rehabilitation of our dams and development of 9000 hectares of existing irrigation land. Government will similarly undertake the construction of 1500 hectares of irrigation land for the expansion of rice cultivation and other food and cash crops. When completed the program is expected to provide an all year round employment for thousands of farming families as well as reinforce our current drive to establish an enduring food security for our citizens and for our nation. This undertaking will cost N5.5billion, and when completed it will stand out as the largest single intervention in the development of irrigation infrastructure in the state and by any state government elsewhere in the country. 

24. Working with the World Bank and other donor partners we intend to extend further support to commercial agriculture by expending the sum of N869.6million in the year 2010. The intervention is expected to consolidate our efforts on the initiative and bring into the fold additional participants and beneficiaries. Similarly, in furtherance to our commitment at providing basic agricultural inputs, seeds and chemicals to the farmers, the sum of N2billion is being committed to the procurement of fertilizer for the 2010 farming season.  As you are all aware, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to provide subsidy on fertilizer to our farmers, such that Kano State so far remains the only state in the Federation where the state government sells all brands of fertilizer to its farmers at the rate of N1000 per bag. In our effort to encourage our farmers to produce surplus commodities we are committing the sum of N200million for the purchase of grains as buffer reserve in the year 2010.


25. Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, providing quality education to our youth remains an all time priority of our Administration. Consistent with our resolve to continuously revitalize the sub sector we intend to expend over N23.7billion which is more than 20% of the total Budget in the sector. From the amount, we intend to expend N8.4 billion on infrastructure and instructional materials while N11.5billion goes to personnel emoluments and manpower development.

26. In our quest to build a strong foundation for education at the grassroots the sum of over N2.4billion is being allocated to the Universal Basic Education. Out of the amount, the sum of N1.18billion is being committed to the construction of new classrooms, rehabilitation of existing ones as well as general infrastructure in the basic schools. Another sum of over N690million is being dedicated for the acquisition of teachers/students furniture, textbooks and other instructional materials.

27. In furtherance of our efforts to decongest classrooms and create additional space for student enrolment, the sum of N1.75billion is being voted for the completion and furnishing of 1000 classrooms under our program of providing quality education of the Economic Development Roadmap. And working with donor partners the State Government is committing another N550million to the renovation of Basic Schools in nine Local Goverment Areas comprising Kiru, Rogo, Wudil, Makoda, Rimin Gado, Garun Mallam, Ungogo and Minjibir. And as part of our resolve to enhance the learning environment in some six selected secondary schools across the state, another of sum of N1.61billion is earmarked for the completion of renovation work started last year.

28. Mr. Speaker, in keeping with our resolve to promote girl child education, the sum of N700million is being earmarked for a special program of promoting girl child education for the least privileged families in the State. Through this initiative we hope to fast track educating the women folk in our society to enable them render the desired contribution in the development process.

29. In line with the ongoing drive for promoting science and technical education in the state, the sum of over N1billion is being proposed for various undertakings in our science and technical schools. The amount includes the sum of N118million for the completion of vocational training centres at Albasu and Doguwa, while another sum of N150million will be expended on the continuation of construction works at Girls Boarding Science College, Karaye.

30. As a follow up to the Administration’s efforts for revitalizing our institutions of higher learning to ensure they produce manpower requirement for the state’s development, the sum of over N7.3billion is earmarked for the sub sector. Out of the provision, the sum of over N1.8billion is allocated to the Kano State University of Science and Technology. Out of this amount the sum of N1.2billion is voted for instruction materials, manpower development, staff welfare and other essential services, while the sum of N649 is voted for infrastructure development.

31. Furthermore, this administration will continue to maintain an unwavering resolve and commitment to turn around other tertiary institutions in the state through infrastructural development, provision of instructional materials and capacity building of academic and non-academic staff in those institutions to ensure they meet the standards of centers of excellence. To this end we are voting the sum of N418.8million to Aminu Kano School of Islamic Legal Studies, N322million to Audu Bako College of Agriculture and N693million to College of Arts, Science and Remedial Studies. In the same vain, we are proposing, for your consideration, to expend N1.5billion in Kano State Polytechnic and another N1.3billion in Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kumbotso 

32. In line with our decision to accord every citizen free and unfettered access to scholarship, this administration decided to remove all encumbrances that hitherto existed in the process of scholarship awards to citizens, since then students, especially from the less privileged families have benefited and are today contributing their quota to the growth and development of our dear state.  In furtherance to this objective we are voting the sum of N1.1billion to consolidate the gains arising from the decision.


33. Mr. Speaker, standing before you in this chamber last year, I reiterated the pledge of our Administration to continually improve the human capacity, infrastructure and service delivery in our healthcare institutions. Today, there is no gainsaying the fact that we are steadily moving to accomplish those objectives. Accordingly we intend to expend another sum of N8.8billion in the health sector in the year 2010. Out of this amount about N2.94billion will be spent to construct and or improve on healthcare infrastructure particularly hospitals and equipments. We are proposing to also expend the sum of N838.9million in the provision of drugs and medicaments while the sum of over N5billion will be committed to human capacity building and staff welfare. 

34. Sequel to our resolve to dedicate attention on eradicating child killer diseases through massive public enlightenment and immunisation, Kano State has recorded significant improvement in the coverage. For the coming year, we intend to improve on this year’s accomplishments by committing additional resources to ensure total eradication. Consequently the sum of over N168million is being proposed for immunisation and malaria control. We are also spending another sum of N120million to sustain free ante-natal services and to provide free medical care to victims of accident and other emergencies.  In the same vein, a handsome provision has been made to cater for a number of health programmes.

Urban and Regional Planning

35. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, the task of repositioning Kano’s physical environment through urban renewal initiatives constitutes one of the major undertakings by our Administration recently. We shall continue to accord priority to this initiative realizing that Kano’s prosperity rests squarely on the safety of its environment for business and development to thrive. When we commenced the task of urban renewal, our initiative was applauded by many; yet, early on, some expressed pessimism.

36. Today, about two years since the commencement of the initiative, AllahamdulilLah, we are recording significant progress as several roads have been expanded, thereby easing traffic flow, while related road infrastructure such as street lights, pedestrian walkways and traffic lights are giving Kano the desired effect and facelift to attract more investments. Indeed, we are presently witnessing a remarkable shift away from pessimism to optimism, even amongst the pundits who initially expressed misgivings and apprehension.

37. In a renewed bid to realize our objective, we propose to expend the sum of over N12.782billion in the coming year.  From the amount the total sum of N4.66billion is being committed to capital undertakings covering the construction and expansion of additional roads as well as completing ongoing ones. Amongst those being targeted especially in the Central Business District are Bello Road, Niger Street, Post Office Road, Palmer Road, Yolawa Road, and Lagos Street. 

38. Consistent with our vision to expand the scope of urbanization to all corners of the state we are also proposing to spend the sum of N427million out of the amount to provide roads and other related infrastructure to Gwarzo, Toranke in Gezawa, Rano, Ajingi and Bunkure towns while another N6.35billion is earmarked for the completion of the ongoing reconstruction work of six major roads in Kano Metropolis under the Roadmap for Economic Development.

Rural Development

39. Mr. Speaker, since the advent of our Administration in 2003, we pledged to accelerate the phase of transformation of our rural areas to semi-urban and urban status. Since that pledge we have committed a lot of resources to improve the quality of life of our rural populace. We have constructed asphaltic roads, undertaken water supply and electrification projects in hundreds of communities. I can report to you that we have covered significant grounds and impacted positively on the lives of our highly respected rural citizens.

40. In furtherance of our objective to improve the lives of our people in the rural areas, we are proposing to expend in the coming year, the total sum of N15billion for various undertakings in the rural areas. Out of the amount, the sum of over N10.7billion is for capital projects including the completion of ongoing roads and bridge works; construction and rehabilitation of Mosques and Islamiyya Schools; electrification of rural towns; as well as provision of potable water. In keeping with the resolve to provide affordable shelter at both rural and urban areas, the sum of over N4.3billion is being set aside for the provision of affordable shelter to citizens. 

41. Working with private investors, we also intend to revitalize public transport sector by introducing high capacity buses for intra city commuting. Our Administration believes that a modern, efficient and affordable mass transit system is an essential perquisite for achieving economic growth and prosperity envisioned in the Economic Development Roadmap.

Water Resources

42. Mr. Speaker, when we assumed office in 2003, we made a solemn commitment to the good people of Kano State to provide them with clean, safe and potable water for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes. Allahamdullilah, we are delivering on that commitment and today a significant proportion of our citizens in urban and rural areas have access to this important commodity. We are not resting on our oars, as we are aware of the need to do more in order to extend these services to other communities that are yet to be served.

43. In pursuing this objective, we have since initiated the construction of a new 75million litres per day water works at Watari, and we are currently expanding reticulation networks to ensure free flow of water to communities in various parts of the state. To compliment these efforts we propose to expend another sum of N1.3billion on other water supply undertaking. 

44. Out of this amount N750million is allocated for the continuation of work on the new Watari Water Treatment Plant upon which significant progress has been recorded. We are expending another sum of N400million on the procurement of water treatment chemicals, while the sum of N200million will be used to improve water supply in greater Kano. In an effort to expand the scope of supply of water into Kano metropolis and the environs, the sum of N100million is being earmarked for the design of new intake at number 11 stations.


45. Mr. Speaker, amongst the most prominent challenges facing humanity today is climate change and its attendant adverse effects on the environment. Such effects manifest as floods, erosion, desertification, cessation of rains etc. Conscious of the danger of this to our existence as a people, this administration had since accorded significant attention and resources in safeguarding our environment to mitigate the effects. We have already made huge investments, both human and material on refuse disposal, pollution control, desertification control and public sensitization since the advent of this administration.

46. As a further follow up on these modest efforts, we are proposing to commit another sum of N968.3million to the sub sector. Out of the amount over N783.3 million will be expended on the construction of new drainages and cleaning of the existing ones for free flow of storm waters. And as the menace of gulley erosion increases with climate change the sum of N100 million is being earmarked to address the scourge in erosion prone areas of the state comprising Shagari Quarters, Kurna Asabe, Dawakin Tofa, Tudun Wada and Gwarzo towns.  To consolidate on our strides towards containing refuse disposal in the State another N200million is earmarked for the purchase of Refuse Buckets.

Commerce and ICT

47. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, promoting commerce and ICT to fast track the development of Kano’s economy is part of the cardinal objectives of our Roadmap for Economic Development. Already, we have put in place several initiatives including feasibility studies by Multimedia Development Corporation of Malaysia on the interface between commerce and ICT. Government has studied the report and it is taking appropriate steps to implement some of the recommendations. This is one of the major tasks of the newly established Ministry of Science and Technology.

49. As you are aware, for commerce and manufacturing to thrive, certain basic infrastructure such as good road networks, sufficient electricity, security and water are essential. You are already aware of our efforts to expand our major roads under the urban renewal scheme, while water supply in Kano and environs has since received significant boost. Hinging our hopes that the Federal Government’s pledge for electricity supply nationwide to reach 6000MW by end of December this year, we are also pursuing other alternatives through Public Private Sector Partnership which the Honourable House graciously endorsed in the 2009 Budget amendment.

50. It is for these reasons that the sum of N1.3billion is proposed for undertakings in the sub sector. Out of this amount the sum of over N950million is being proposed for capital works that include IT infrastructure with a provisional cost of N150million, another N100 million for the procurement and installation of internet bandwidth, while the sum of N200million is set aside for the establishment of the state-wide electronic data bank. Similarly we intend to expend another sum of N140million to construct additional pavilion at Kano Trade Fair Complex. 

51. In furtherance to our commitment to create jobs for our teeming populace we plan to expand our partnership with some selected multi-national corporations such as PZ, Nigeria Bottling Company, Starcomms to empower 6000 citizens through capacity building and provision of seed capital.

Information, Sports and Culture

52. Mr. Speaker, freedom of information, free speech and expression are inalienable rights for all citizens as enshrined in our constitution. That our Administration upholds and promotes the exercise of these rights by citizens is never in contention. The greatest challenge, perhaps, remains that of judicious application of those rights without disturbing the peace, which is an essential prerequisite for growth and development. Concerned by the apparent drift by some vocal citizens among us in exercising these rights, I found it necessary to admonish all, in my state wide address on the occasion of 1st Muharram, the new Islamic Year 1431, to choose the path of civility. It is pertinent to stress once more that as a civilized society we must recognize where our rights end and where the rights of others begin; we must avoid trespass, transgression and aggression.

53. The successful hosting by Kano State of the recent FIFA Under 17 World Cup and the accolades from FIFA and the Federal Government are valid testimonies to the positive impact of Shari’ah implementation and A Daidata Sahu (Societal Reorientation) program on our people. Indeed all the teams that played in Kano left with good memories of the hospitality and support extended them by our fans.  It is on record that Kano was adjudged the best centre of all the centres that hosted the tournament nation-wide.  I wish to, on behalf of the government and the entire  people of Kano State thank all those who contributed to the success of the hosting.  I wish to in particular commend the Kano local organizing committee for a job well done.

54. To consolidate our modest accomplishments in information dissemination, sports development and culture the sum of N700million is earmarked. Out of this amount the sum of N700million is set aside for manpower development and staff welfare while the sum of N695million is for the provision of essential goods and services. We are again proposing to expend, out of the amount, the sum of N157 million on capital projects to reinforce our initial investments in the sub sector.

Shari’ah Implementation

55. Mr. Speaker, Shari’ah implementation remains an important pillar of our Administration, it remains a veritable guide to us since we assumed office in 2003. The contribution of Shari’ah in sustaining the peace, tranquillity and development of our state are quite visible, felt and appreciated by all and sundry. I wish to commend the leadership and dedication of our revered Ulama and elders at Shura Council, Shari’ah and Zakat Commissions and the Hisbah Board. Their efforts are not in vain. The Societal Reorientation drive; Zauren Shawara and Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission have added vigor to Shari’ah implementation and have once again reinforced the all time truth that the Muslim Ummah guided by Shari’ah provides the best model of government. The people of Kano State remain ever grateful to Allah for the peace we continue to enjoy.

56. As we strive to maintain the tempo in shariáh implementation, it is important to render additional support for unfettered services and contributions to the society. Accordingly we propose to spend the sum of N2billion in the coming fiscal year on Shari’ah implementation. From the allocation the sum of N1.1billion is for capacity building and staff welfare, N510 million for essential goods and services while N818million will be expended on capital works and other essential social undertakings on behalf of the entire society.

Women and Youth Development

57. Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, women and youth constitute a very important segment of our society. And acting on the teachings of the Shari’ah, our administration had accorded women and our youth priority attention by initiating several programs aimed at empowering them and harnessing their potentials for the development of the state. The Millennium Development Goals Initiative by the United Nations requesting member states to accord priority to issues affecting women and youth further reinforces our Administration’s resolve to address the needs of this segment of our society.

58. Consequently, the sum of N800million is proposed for various programs for women and the youth in the 2010 Fiscal Year. Out of this amount the sum of N520million is proposed for capital undertakings; these include special empowerment package for women under the Economic Development Roadmap initiative with an allocation of N100million, continuing construction works on ultra modern Women Centre with an allocation of N420million. When completed, the State Women Center is expected to provide the much needed space for our women folk to learn vocations and skills as well as pursue continuing education.

59. The youth component of this initiative is also vital as it involves skill acquisition, capacity building and empowerment; ultimately the idea is to make it possible for our youth to be productive and contribute to the development of our dear state. Accordingly, the sum of N250million is proposed for youth empowerment under the Directorate of Youth. We also intend to continue to work with development partners and the private sector for funding and support to build the capacities of youth for self employment and for self reliance.

 General Administration

60. Mr. Speaker, our administration recognizes that for economic growth to be realized, at least the type that every citizen is given an equal opportunity to benefit from, we must limit the scope of government and strengthen governance. This is critical not only for the success of our home grown development plan, but also to the Nigeria Vision20:2020; the realization of which can only be possible if all the states in the federation do their part. And you will agree with me Honourable Members, that given our enviable mercantile ancestry and standing in commerce, Kano must be at the centre of the pursuit of the Nigeria Vision20:2020 to make it a reality.

61. In facing that challenge, we are working with development partners including the DFID, the EU, the World Bank and the MDGs Office to strengthen planning, advocate the adoption of better tools for conducting the operations of government and in the case of MDGs Office to intervene directly with pro-poor programs especially in health, sanitation and education.

62. Specifically, we are further developing the Kano State Roadmap for Economic Growth and Development; strengthening the planning process through capacity building and advocacy for adopting better tools for policy formulation; strategic planning; project and program management; as well as project monitoring and evaluation. The idea is to effectively move away from impulsive and annual plans to long term planning. We must recognize that only long, enduring plans diligently implemented can propel our state to real sustainable growth. A situation where every year and every government plans its own programs without recourse to any perspective plan will not allow us to attain our vision for a better Kano State. 

63. Mr. Speaker, as we enter a new year, and a new decade in our journey for state

building and development, we must all make the momentum to propel us to new and better future. Apparently, the momentum lies with our people and can be realized if every citizen does his or her duty to the state. And to do that swayed only by the understanding that the building of a better future for Kano falls upon us all, and that no one working alone, not even the government, can do it. 

64. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, surely, it is only when we work together, each earnestly doing his part as a stakeholder can we build a better Kano State. Given our common destiny as a people, we must not allow detractors to slow down or hamper our progress.  And given the enormous challenge we face, the time has come that if someone or group, in the name of opposition, resorts to rancour and cheap propaganda the people should pay no heed to their despondent call. Kano State belongs to all of us, it is here we shall continue to live and to raise our children, We must always say, through our actions not words, that the interest of all is bigger, by far, than the interest of any one group, whatever its demeanour and however powerful.  

65. We must refuse any one who says the government alone can make economic growth and development happen. Development and real improvements in the quality of life of the people is only possible if everyone will do his duty, by giving what is due to his neighbour, his community, his state and his country. Rights must go with responsibility; we must all therefore rise up to our responsibility in order to make our state great.   

66. Mr Speaker, may we then as compatriots join hands and stand up for action, for pursuing the Budget of Sustainable Economic Growth and Development 2010; for making Kano an indomitable commercial hub; for building a self reliant Kano State; for working for the attainment of the Nigeria Vision2020 we set for ourselves, so that Nigeria grows in plenty, with a pride of a new image, and take its 20th position in the ranking of world largest economies.  

67. May I on this final note, Mr Speaker, submit the Budget for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development 2010, confident that this noble House will accord it expeditious hearing in the spirit of partnership I thus avow.

Wassalam Alaikum. 


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