1. Let call a spade a spade. The Niger Delta Avengers are clearly involved in TERRORISM and not in Economic Sabotage. They are terrorists and the sooner we treat them as such, the better.

    • People like you are the reason we keep having problems in this country. Are you by any chance thinking that you know more than those that attended the meeting? They call the action economic sabotage and you call it terrorism. How many innocent citizens have they attacked, killed or even taken hostage? Please go and check your dictionary if you have any. Go and bring them to book yourself naa. You think the army and navy have not tried?

  2. If you are sure the activities of NDA constitute act of terrorism, why don’t you bring them to book yourselves, when your brothers were sponsored to kill innocent people even in their places of worship, I never saw your comments condemning their activities, rather most of you from the North were busy celebrating them as heros and in a most carlous manner castigated GEJ. Now it’s your turn to feel the heat and you are shouting terrorism, you can now see that what goes around, turns around, so keep quiet @ Rihsa and Luckman

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