1. There is no need for a Governor’s Forum. Each State citizens voted for their Governor who should honor their obligations to the people. What then is the meaning of wasting so much time seeking answers from others when the reason for electing the Governor is to have him lead a solution train? I think the excess crude revenue should never be released to anyone for now. Governors should stick with their budgets and exercise fiscal discipline in managing their state affairs. Those who fail to live up to expectations should face the electorates in the next polls. It is time for States to start contributing to the center instead of taking from the center all the time. Let’s feel the change we voted for and not continue with business as usual!

  2. During the regional government there was competitiin For each region to eccel and there less dependant on the centre the federal government. And there was development. But today we operate feeding bottle economy were the states have to cry to the federal government each time they are hungry. The states should look inward and develop resources within their donain for their survival.

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