1. Thanks alot for important information that is needed monthly. It will be glad to know the disbursment per States for effective monitoring. Citizens should be able to asses Governmet’s performace in their state and LGs, and therefore curve corruption.

  2. Thank Allah for every thing, we are progressing gradually. We should be patient with our amiable President muhammadu Buhari and VP osibanjo for their efforts to see des country is in a better shape.

  3. Thank God Baba is not there to make worse but to effect a change in the leadership of our beloved country contrary what some people are saying about him.may we continue to see this, and Allan guide and protect our president and his team

  4. Up our giant president indeed you performed a wonderful job, and this should clearly brake emphasis and romours circulating all over the nation that the president is responsible for hardship due to economic crisis we found ourselves under him.

  5. Job well done to u economic confidential, this is what we call transparency government pls keep us posted moreover we would like to have de breakdown of each state and local governments

  6. That’s very interesting, May God continue to give you wisdom on how to source funds for the survival of our dear country.

  7. jomirawo barkidin muhammadu buhari hendamo i wanwanbe (makiya) hokkamo jamu I wallitobe begoga Allah jaba by isa galadima

  8. 70% of the previous allocation of over 500b was said hv come from non oil revenue. What is the per cent age of non oil revenue this time around? Meanwhile congratulation to Mr. President for his fiscal discipline in the face of serious economic downturn.

  9. We thank Allah for His blessing for his Country of ours and we appreciate the courage and fiscal discipline of this Administration and its able leadership. Congratulations Nigerians.

  10. God us 2geda BMP is our ultimate choice come 2019.n Nigeria governor stop lie to ur subject abt economic turn down

  11. Wow! Many thanks 4 sharing wit us. Let see d State Governor dat will still be complaining not 2 pay salaries wit dis Revenue Allocation improvement.

  12. Okonjo Iweala started this issue of publishing this, even states and LGAs both soft and hard copies. It will be good to publish it like before

  13. Greetings to the President of Nigeria.

    I want to humbly advised that the federal government should direct all Accountant General/PS of all States to forward all the state workers names, account number, banks names, grade level and all other things that has to do with the state and workers. The remaining balance we given to the Governor to use the remaining balance to pay political office holders and Governor’s aides. Without this, most state Governors will continue to be spending our money in a bad way.

  14. … and Local Government workers are still being owed for as much as Nine [9] months without salaries in Delta State???? Too bad……

  15. We thank Allah for his guiding protecting our Honourable president Mallam bukhari god bless u god bless Nigeria amin

  16. It`s good to be optimistic about the present economic situation but we need to be careful about the information we pass outhttp://thenationonlineng.net/july-faac-allocation-drops-n444-6b/ N444.6billion was share as July Allocation

  17. De longue date, les élus de la communauté de communes avaient indiqué ne pas se verser d’indemnités… Alors Olive demande quelque chose qui était déjà acquis. C’est une sorte de méthode Coué, mais elle ne trompe que les gogos dévoués et aveuglés.

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