1. This is a commendable report showing the actual economic health of our respective States based on facts (not assumptions and mere criticism). Kudos.

  2. This is good. A lot need to be done by the states at the lowest cadre. There is the need to develop workable and affordable economic resilient strategies by our states to economic activities for increased revenue generation. This will reduce the tension and pressure on the oil revenue.

  3. This is a welcome development. Those week IGR states must wake up. Northern States have no business to be in the low cadre of the IGR rating or in economic activities. With the best and vast agricultural lands, northern States have no reason to be poor. Infact, northern governors must encourage and embrace irrigation type of farming rather than depending on rain which is seasonal. Cash crops production and modern animal husbandry should be their focus, henceforth.

  4. This is the stark reality. The earlier the poor revenue generating States realized that they are already in big trouble the better for them. I commend the good job and responsible journalism done by Economic Confidential in packaging this beautiful analysis. Government of the economically backward States should wake up to the realities of the 21st century and diversify. The days when you sleep over your responsibility to the people by waiting for petroleum cash to execute projects and pay redundant people a salary they never earned is long gone. The vast agricultural potentials of our States, especially the North, was enough to give the defunct Northern Regional Government what it needed to build most of the famous infrastructure we still enjoy today. We can still do better if we genuinely block leakages and drastically address the glaring corruption in our revenue generating sector. I don’t understand why states like Taraba, with the potentials required for development at disposal, still feature in list of most backward revenue generating states in Nigeria. Our leaders should wake up please.

  5. Economic confidential remains the best factual newspaper in Nigeria devoid of the usual sentiments known with Nigerian journalism

  6. Economic confidential, weldone. For me I have been asking the question about IGR and that is what is the basis of a State to exist if it cannot generate revenue internally. For me I think the over dependance on the Federation account has made most States in the country to become very very lazy about IGR, its a wake up call and the centre had better let the States know that they must have to be agressive about IGR. States are suppose to be contributing 10% of their IGR to the Local Govts, but they rather are using LG funds as slush funds, quite sad. LG stand up to reality and stop being rubber stamps of State Governors and demand for your rights.

    Another thing wort mentioning is that for a State to be able to increase its internal revenue base, there must be a corresponding development and services which the state provides such as light, water, good roads, good hospitals, functional public schools etc that will ginger the puplic to be willing to pay more taxes that will increase the revenue base.

  7. good analysis and information. The ‘poor’ states can turn around their status through innovation

  8. Basic factors of production are natural resources, human resources and capital to create labor -capital mix which is constantly in flux. The federal government, state governments and local governments should not be allowed to waste valuable resources, and government officials and politicians should not be allowed to turn our resources into personal use. For instance, why should Nigerian officials and politicians run their homes with the country’s resources? These are the real issues to tackle to free capital which is badly needed for development of the country’s infrastructure. That is the starting point. However, officials do not understand the real meaning of development, maybe, they think it is about having money to spend without looking at the productivity of a nation as a relevant indicator. Internally generated revenue is an economic symptom of earned productivity.
    And that is what Europeans do, that is what the Japanese do and that is what Africans must do if they want to get off their cocoon and shine as others. It is not late, but Africans are beyond the bottom as we speak.
    Edem Essien

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