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Monday, May 25, 2020

UN Warns of Looming Water Shortage

UN Warns of Looming Water Shortage The planet earth will soon witness a decline in water supply if the report by the United Nations (UN)...

UN Staff On Strike Over Pay Cut

UN Staff On Strike Over Pay Cut United Nations staff in Geneva have called a strike for Friday over pay cut after winning support from...

EU Vows To Respond To U.S. Import Tariffs

EU Vows To Respond To U.S. Import Tariffs   The European Union will go to the World Trade Organisation to impose its own measures if the...

Africa’s Energy Market To Hit $4.5bn In 2018

Africa’s Energy Market To Hit $4.5bn In 2018 Africa’s energy industry Merger and Acquisition (M&A) in 2018 may rise to $4.5 billion this year according...
Kemi Adeosun Finance Minister

Nigeria, SSA countries’ Debts Rise By 550% To $200bn – Report

Nigeria, SSA countries’ Debts Rise By 550% To $200bn – Report The total borrowing from the international debt markets by Nigeria and other countries in...

Output Cut: Price of brent crude oil rises to $70

The price of brent crude oil rose to 70 dollars a barrel on Monday, supported by ongoing output cuts led by OPEC and Russia,...

Indonesian Stock Exchange collapses

A floor at Indonesia’s stock exchange collapsed into the building’s lobby, on Monday, injuring an unknown number of people, according to media reports. “We are...

South Korea moves to ban cryptocurrency trading

The South Korean government on Thursday said it plans to ban cryptocurrency trading, sending bitcoin prices plummeting and throwing the virtual coin market into...

Again, Nigerians under attack in South Africa

The Nigerian Community in South Africa, say, four members are in critical condition in the hospital while some shops have been burnt in renewed...

Adesina Rallies Support For Technologically Driven Agriculture In Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has developed an initiative called the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) – a knowledge and innovation-based response to...

Nigeria Declares UN Security Council Obsolete, Undemocratic

Nigeria has decried the obsolete and old-fashioned composition of the UN Security Council, and described it as undemocratic. The Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the...

Dubai Plans World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Dubai, with peerless monuments such as the world’s 7-star hotel and tallest building, is taking its record breaking obsession to solar power. The small state,...

NDIC Extends DIS Capacity Building TO Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation

The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) is organising a five-day capacity building programme for senior officials of Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation (GDPC) as part...

Trump Renews Threat To Scrap Trade Agreement

President Donald Trump of U.S has renewed his threat to scrap North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and ripped on trading partners Canada and...

UN allocates $10.5m for poverty alleviation in northeast

The UN has allocated over $10.5 million to help thousands of vulnerable in need of life-saving humanitarian assistance in the devastated Nigeria’s northeast. The UN...

World Needs $94trn For Infrastructure By 2040-GIH

The world needs to spend 94 trillion dollars in global infrastructure by 2040 to eliminate infrastructure deficit, the G20-backed Global Infrastructure Hub (GIH) said...

Nigerian Crude Waits for Buyers

Nigerian crude for August loading is proving slow to find buyers amid rising supply, Reuters quoting oil trading sources has reported. Reuters said the supply...

United Nations Earmarks $7.3bn for peacekeeping

The United Nations has earmarked 7.3 billion dollars to fund 13 peacekeeping missions and a logistics support office, diplomats said. The 193-member UN budget committee,...
Climate Change Hon. Samuel Onuigbo

Nigeria, World Bodies to Recharge Lake Chad with $15bn- Rep Member

Faced with harsh climate change emanating from the drying up of Lake Chad, Nigeria and the world bodies have resolved to take the bull...
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Cases: 30,736
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Cases: 30,623
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