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Saturday, May 30, 2020

AMCON Bill Ready for Presidential Approval

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Bill has finally been passed, following its harmonization by the Committee set up by the two chambers...

One Year after: Focusing on CBN Under Sanusi

As every actor knows, it is easy to be typecast. The picture being made of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, after one year in office as...

Audit Report that Exposed the Rot in the Banking Sector

Many people did not actually know the gory details of how the sacked chief executives of the eight banks ruined their banks, if not...

The legality of CBN's Action on sick banks

Tongues have been waging on the legality or otherwise of the actions taken by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria , Mallam...

Behold the Four Pillars of Reforms

The Central Bank of Nigeria , in its determination to reform the Nigerian financial system came out with a blue print built around four...

Perspectives on Reforms: Cases for and Against

Tne major hindrance to good policies or reforms in Nigeria is selfish interest. No matter how good the policies of government are, corruption and...

Corporate Governance and Banking Dynamics

In recent times, corporate governance is one terminology that has continued to echo in the media; print, airwave, online. Its resounding nature has drawn...

The Effects of Sanusi's Bailout Funds

It goes by different names but means the same thing. US President Barrack Obama may choose to call it “stimulus package” or “bailout plan”....

AMCON as an Elixir

Following the discovery that the nine sick banks jointly have a toxic debt totalling N1.5 trillion, the Central Bank of Nigeria came up with...

Monetary Policies and the Nigeria 's Economic Development

Apart from his distinction in monetary policy at master degree program, Lamido Sanusi has displayed high level of competence in the application of such...

As they Hail the Monetary Reforms

The Governor of Central Bank of Africa's most populous nation, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi could be likened to a bus driver, a no nonsense...

NASS Passes CBN’s Asset Management Bill

The on-going banking reforms have received a significant boost with two key developments in the National Assembly. The House of Representatives has passed the...

CBN Extends Terminal Date for Circulation of Paper Notes


Skye Bank Get new CEO Designate

The Board of Directors of Skye Bank Plc has appointed the Deputy Managing Director of the bank, Kehinde Durosinmi-Etti, as the Group Managing Director...

RE- Alleged Limit to Loan Approval and 5% Equity Holding in Banks

The attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria has been drawn to two publications, the first in the Vanguard Newspaper of January 28, 2010...

DMO Resumes Monthly Auctions, Offers N75bn FGN Bonds

The Debt Management Office (DMO) has resumed its monthly bond auctions, offering a total of N75billion FGN bonds, made up of N20billion for the...

Cecilia Ibru’s N400bn Assets

Before she was sacked from office as the Managing Director of Oceanic Bank Plc by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mrs. Cecilia Ibru...

10 Year Tenure: Banks’ MDs to Go in July 2010 -CBN

… Banks to Negotiate Sales with Foreign Investors  The Board of the Central Bank of Nigeria has finally fixed a maximum tenure...

CBN Appoints New Executive Directors For Three Banks

The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced the appointment of new Executive Directors for Bank PHB, Spring Bank Plc and Equitorial Trust Bank Limited...
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