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Monday, May 25, 2020

Are we prepared for the next global epidemic? The public doesn’t think so

Too often, the conventional wisdom in diplomatic or scientific circles is that the general public doesn’t know what’s good for them when it comes...

Nigerian States Face Bankruptcy

The recent meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and governors of the 36 states regarding the financial situation in the country may not have come...

Malnutrition Status In Nigeria

A non-profit coalition, made up of organizations with a shared vision to transform Nigeria into a country where food and nutrition is secured has...

Public sector Reforms in Nigeria

The Bureau of Public Service Reforms in collaboration with an advocacy group has urged Nigerian to ask questions and be informed on the on-going...

61 percent Nigerians celebrate safe drinking water

As the world celebrates Water Day, the Pharmaceutical  Society  of Nigeria  (PSN),  has urged  the federal government  of  Nigeria  and  ordinary  citizens  to  remember...

Underdevelopment: Can Buhari Win?

For Decades, Nigeria has lagged behind its peers. For instance, although Abuja is touted as the fastest growing capital in the world, the growth...

Deception is corruption

More money has been allegedly stolen under Goodluck Jonathan than there was money to steal. LAI Mohammed, APC National Publicity Secretary, is one of President...

Civil Societies Urge Govt To Improve Food Safety

The civil society scaling-up nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) in collaboration with the association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria (APHPH),  has urged  the government...

Delay in Vaccination will result in death of over 50,000 by 2020 – PACFaH

A group of Civil Society Organisations under the aegis of Partnership for Advocacy in Child and family health (PACFaH) in Nigeria has warned that...

How Austerity Measure Will Impact Nigerians

The devaluation of naira occasioned by the fall of crude oil price at the international market has turned to a thorn, not only in...

High expectation for TSA

“First of all, you have got liquidity surplus in the banking industry; … there is over N1.3tn or so sitting in banks and belonging...

HERFON-PACFaH canvasses adequate fund for child and family Health

The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON), an organization advocacy for child and family health under the aegis of Partnership for Advocacy in Child...

Walmart in Lagos: The Good and The Ugly

Adewumi Adedoyin Anne.  Wal-mart, the popular chain of supermarkets which was started in Arkansas, United States in 1962 finally took a step into planting one...

Adequate funding for Family Planning

Family planning is a way that allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing / timing...

Nigerians Condemned To Darkness?

With efforts of successive governments to improve electricity situation of Nigerian amounting to nought, Nuratu A. O. Abdul-Rashid here concludes that inconsistency and corruption...

UN Chief tasks Nigeria on the post MDGs agenda

With the on-going efforts aimed at designing a successor development framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations has tasked political and...

AJAOKUTA: Breakthrough At Last?

"You mean the iron rods used in construction are imported??" What happened to the Ajaokuta steel mill? He asked. "Dead," I responded. The propelling factor...

Nutrition Indices, Unacceptable in Kaduna State

Wife of Kaduna State Governor, Hajia Hadiza El-Rufai has said the State would embark on drastic action to combat poor nutrition indices within its...

Civil Society Group advocates effective nutrition for children at all levels

Civil Society Scaling-up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) has agreed to advocate for the effective implementation of Strategic Plan of Action on Nutrition at all...

Is Fuel Price Now Deregulated?

In the wake of the steady decline in crude oil prices in recent months, Nigerians anticipated the good news of a drop in pump...
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United States 1,684,862
Cases: 1,684,862
Deaths: 99,277
Recovered: 451,582
Active: 1,134,003
Brazil 363,211
Cases: 363,211
Deaths: 22,666
Recovered: 149,911
Active: 190,634
Russia 344,481
Cases: 344,481
Deaths: 3,541
Recovered: 113,299
Active: 227,641
Spain 282,852
Cases: 282,852
Deaths: 28,752
Recovered: 196,958
Active: 57,142
United Kingdom 259,559
Cases: 259,559
Deaths: 36,793
Active: 222,766
Italy 229,858
Cases: 229,858
Deaths: 32,785
Recovered: 140,479
Active: 56,594
France 182,584
Cases: 182,584
Deaths: 28,367
Recovered: 64,617
Active: 89,600
Germany 180,328
Cases: 180,328
Deaths: 8,371
Recovered: 160,300
Active: 11,657
Turkey 156,827
Cases: 156,827
Deaths: 4,340
Recovered: 118,694
Active: 33,793
India 138,536
Cases: 138,536
Deaths: 4,024
Recovered: 57,692
Active: 76,820
Iran 135,701
Cases: 135,701
Deaths: 7,417
Recovered: 105,801
Active: 22,483
Peru 119,959
Cases: 119,959
Deaths: 3,456
Recovered: 49,795
Active: 66,708
Canada 84,699
Cases: 84,699
Deaths: 6,424
Recovered: 43,985
Active: 34,290
China 82,974
Cases: 82,974
Deaths: 4,634
Recovered: 78,261
Active: 79
Saudi Arabia 72,560
Cases: 72,560
Deaths: 390
Recovered: 43,520
Active: 28,650
Chile 69,102
Cases: 69,102
Deaths: 718
Recovered: 28,148
Active: 40,236
Mexico 65,856
Cases: 65,856
Deaths: 7,179
Recovered: 44,919
Active: 13,758
Belgium 57,092
Cases: 57,092
Deaths: 9,280
Recovered: 15,272
Active: 32,540
Pakistan 54,601
Cases: 54,601
Deaths: 1,133
Recovered: 17,198
Active: 36,270
Netherlands 45,236
Cases: 45,236
Deaths: 5,822
Active: 39,414
Qatar 43,714
Cases: 43,714
Deaths: 23
Recovered: 9,170
Active: 34,521
Ecuador 36,756
Cases: 36,756
Deaths: 3,108
Recovered: 3,560
Active: 30,088
Belarus 36,198
Cases: 36,198
Deaths: 199
Recovered: 14,155
Active: 21,844
Bangladesh 33,610
Cases: 33,610
Deaths: 480
Recovered: 6,901
Active: 26,229
Sweden 33,459
Cases: 33,459
Deaths: 3,998
Recovered: 4,971
Active: 24,490
Singapore 31,616
Cases: 31,616
Deaths: 23
Recovered: 14,876
Active: 16,717
Switzerland 30,736
Cases: 30,736
Deaths: 1,906
Recovered: 28,100
Active: 730
Portugal 30,623
Cases: 30,623
Deaths: 1,316
Recovered: 17,549
Active: 11,758
United Arab Emirates 29,485
Cases: 29,485
Deaths: 245
Recovered: 15,056
Active: 14,184
Ireland 24,639
Cases: 24,639
Deaths: 1,608
Recovered: 21,060
Active: 1,971