1. We are near yet so far from fulfilling this great dream (Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited) which this country’s past leaders dreamt up nearly 40 years ago. The company is the bedrock of Nigeria’s industrial development, therefore, we must be careful and ensure that it is concessioned to the right people and that Nigeria’s interests come first and last.

    I would prefer the company that built it from the scratch to take responsibility of completing its construction and subsequently operating it. They are in possession of the mill’s blueprint while they are also familiar with the technology that was deployed in its construction. If they could find the funds to complete the works required to make the mill operational, then that would be good progress.

    I understand that the sum of N80 billion is required to put the plant in use at full capacity. I also understand that half that amount, if injected into the plant could enable it operate partially and be able to generate, without government subvention, an average annual income of N80 billion.

    With an already installed capacity of 43 plants, capable of producing some 600,000 metric tonnes of steel per annum, our dream of linking up the country with a network of standard guage rail lines could be fulfilled, while creating those elusive jobs we crave.

    Minister Fayemi should do all within his means to ensure that this giant of all industries is awakened and made to operate to Nigeria’s benefit. If it is the only achievement of his ministry under his watch, then so be it.

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