VON Partners with Bulgaria, France to Enhance Capacity Building, Content Sharing, and Combat Fake News

VON Partners with Bulgaria, France to Enhance Capacity Building, Content Sharing, and Combat Fake News


The Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mallam Jibrin Baba Ndace, has reaffirmed the organization’s dedication to collaborating with Bulgaria and France in initiatives encompassing content sharing, capacity building, and the fight against fake news.

“As Director-General, my focus lies in strengthening the relationships inherited and upholding our mandate of truthfully, deliberately, and believably portraying Nigerian and African narratives. We have existing partnerships with Bulgaria and France that I aim to deepen,” he remarked.

Ndace expressed these sentiments on Friday during a courtesy visit by His Excellency Yanko V. Yordanov, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Nigeria, and Mr. Jean Francois Hasperue, the Charge D’Affaires to Nigeria and ECOWAS from France.

“We require various forms of cooperation as an organization. Leveraging your technology and expertise to enhance our operations is paramount. Additionally, combating fake news, misinformation, and disinformation is a shared priority,” Ndace emphasized.

He outlined specific areas of collaboration, including exchange programs between Nigeria, familiarization trips to Bulgaria and France for personnel, and reciprocal initiatives with Bulgarian media organizations to foster mutual understanding and sharing of best practices.

“We are keen on content sharing, capacity building, and utilizing public diplomacy to highlight the positive contributions of Nigerians in Bulgaria and France,” Ndace added.

Ambassador Yordanov echoed the importance of portraying Nigeria and Bulgaria positively through collaborative partnerships, citing existing media alliances between the News Agency of Nigeria and the Bulgarian News Agency, while encouraging similar collaborations with the Bulgaria National Radio.

Mr. Hasperue emphasized the French embassy’s efforts to promote French language learning in Nigeria, emphasizing its role in fostering connections with neighboring countries for business transactions and diplomatic relations.

“French language proficiency enhances Nigeria’s regional relationships, and we are committed to supporting its learning for mutual benefit,” he concluded.