Why Spokespersons Must Embrace AI Tools – Expert

Why Spokespersons Must Embrace AI Tools – Expert


The CEO and Chief Digital Strategist of Cihan Media, Mr. Celestine Achi has urged Nigerian spokespersons to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to be more efficient and effective in building trust and sharing messages.

This, he said, is necessary as AI has fundamentally changed the game for information officers, public relations practitioners and spokespersons.

“From crafting the perfect message to reaching audiences across the globe, AI tools are no longer an option, they’re essential,” he noted.

Achi, a PR tech professional, artificial intelligence and digital transformation enthusiast, made this known at the 2024 National Spokespersons Summit, organized by Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) in Abuja, where he spoke on, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Spokespersons”.

He said, “In an age of information overload, the human connection is more important than ever and while Artificial Intelligence (AI) might seem like the realm of robots and algorithms, it’s actually about empowering spokespeople.”

According to Achi, the term “AI” really refers to any machine system that attempts to carry out tasks intelligently.

He said: “This means not just blindly following a set of instructions, but attempting to use what it knows or can find out in order to do the task more efficiently.

“The way this is most commonly achieved in business today is through a process known as machine learning (ML). This refers to algorithms trained on data that are capable of making decisions based on what they know and getting better as they learn more”.

Aichi further said that, “although the last few years have seen amazing advances in AI tools and applications that are available for business, it’s very clear that we’re still in the early stages of the journey.

“Many of the future developments we will see are likely to arise from combining generative, predictive, and prescriptive elements of AI.

“AI Is the Biggest Technological Leap Since Social Media. This is not a drill. This isn’t a fad. This will not go away.

“For me personally, this is a technological leap comparable to the advent of social media or the internet itself. AI, like social media or the internet before it, will be life-changing and disruptive in ways we can’t yet begin to understand. What we do know about AI is that however quickly it advances, the human element remains critical.

“One development we can expect is advances in the ’emotional intelligence’ aspect of AI, where we will see applications that are better at assessing and reacting to our own emotional states, providing responses that are more empathetic and attuned to our frame of mind”.