Archbishop: Nigeria’s Situation Dire But Violence Offers No Peace

Archbishop: Nigeria’s Situation Dire But Violence Offers No Peace

According to the Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. David Onuoha, even though Nigeria’s current situation remains extremely dire, protests and violent acts cannot solve any problems.

Archbishop Onuoha gave the advice yesterday while flagging off the 43rd Provincial Council Meeting at the Cathedral Church of St. Matthew, Atta, Ikeduru local council area of Imo State.

“That there is hunger in the land is no longer news. It is also nothing new to say that our nation’s situation is most distressing, but it must be noted that the present state of our economy did not take a sudden flight.

“Though the situation is dire, one is not convinced that protests and other violent acts will give any solution. The motive behind any action is always very important because it defines or determines whether the action is good or bad.

“We must strongly resist the temptation of falling into the hands of our enemies, including bandits and terrorists, who will not miss any opportunity to overrun this country, should there be any breakdown of law and order.”

While saying that Nigerians are not difficult to govern, the Anglican cleric, however, advised the nation’s leaders to reduce the size of their personal staff and intimidating convoys.

He said: “Nigerians are not very difficult to govern. Drastically reducing the size of personal staff and the long and intimidating convoy of vehicles that accompany our leaders, will no doubt, convince the people that they also feel our pains.

“It will build confidence in whatever reforms the government is working on. Finding a way out of the economic quagmire we have found ourselves in requires the wisdom, input, and effort of all, irrespective of political, religious, and ethnic differences.”

Onuoha was equally irked that the Federal Government has not taken practical steps to stop the free use of foreign currencies in Nigeria.

His words: “There is no doubt that the free flow of foreign currencies in the land, undermines our sovereignty and reduces our currency to mere paper with no value.

“Coming up with a policy that makes the use of foreign currencies in Nigeria, outside the banks, a punishable offence, as well as ensuring a rigid and uncompromising enforcement of the same, maybe the key to the stability of the Naira and consequent economic revival we so desperately need.”

Turning his attention to the recent threat by some Northern leaders to stop the movement of farm products from their areas, Archbishop Onuoha called on clerics and other stakeholders, to intentionally create awareness and encourage Ndigbo to take farming seriously.

“We are blessed that most of the food items that come down to us from the Northern part of this country also grow here. All we need to do is to reawaken our people’s consciousness on farming, to grow the food we eat. We must shun laziness and go back to the farm.”