Giant Strides in Rural Electrification

Giant Strides in Rural Electrification

By Hafsat Ibrahim

That power, a veritable energy, helps to drive the economy of any nation, is manifestly incontestable.

Without power, the days of many a micro and medium scale enterprises will be numbered. For a developing nation like ours, the importance of power or energy to national growth and development cannot be overemphasised.

Prior to the advent of the Governor Yahaya Bello administration, the situation of power in several rural and urban centres in Kogi State, was epileptic. Some of the few manufacturing and industrial companies operating in the State were (then) gasping for breath over erratic power.

If Kogi must take its rightful place in the comity of States in Nigeria, its visionary, foresighted Governor believes that the power sector must be fixed in the Confluence State.

For Governor Bello, stable power is a sine qua non for attracting foreign direct investments for Kogi. This is just as local investors will find in Kogi a hub for aggressive business and sundry commercial activities.

Since he came on board, Governor Bello has not left anyone in doubt of his avowed commitment to electrifying the nook and cranny of Kogi.

Passionate about resolving the electricity crisis in the State, Governor Bello launched the ‘Light Up Kogi’ project, in partnership with the Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the ‘Light Up Kogi’ project, this writer gathered, will be executed across all the senatorial zones in the State.

To herald the mega project, the administration of Governor Bello quickly ensured that the Lokoja-Banda-Kotonkarfe electrification work was completed in record time, and in line with the project’s specification.

Testimonies abound as to how the speedy completion of the Lokoja-Banda-Kotonkarfe electrification project has brought succour not only to the people of the two popular Kogi towns, but also to other parts of the State.

The steady supply of power in the aforementioned towns has accelerated industrial development, while also helping to generate massive jobs for unemployed persons, as well as improving the living standards of many Kogi residents.

Similarly, the Abejukolo rural electrification project in Omala Local Government Area of the State, which previous administrations ‘played politics’ with, is now a reality.

The good people of Abejukolo sang the praises of their charismatic and purposeful Governor at the project’s inauguration.

Again, there is also the rural electrification project in Agassa, a town in Okene Local Government Area of the State. The Bello-led All Progressives Congress-led government in Kogi, which awarded the project did not waste time in approving funds for its execution during his first term in office.

Aside executing groundbreaking rural electrification projects in remote communities across Kogi State, the intervention of Governor Bello, at various times, compelled the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, to restore power to Ogori, Takete, Ide, Amuro, Ayede and Isanlu Communities, after many years of (them) staying in darkness.

There is every need to appreciate the frenetic pace at which Governor Yahaya Bello is going about lighting up the entire rural communities in Kogi.

The Confluence State, at the moment, has a Sheriff who is desirous of bequeathing an indelible legacy of sound, result -oriented leadership….. His giant strides in rural electrification is the biggest evidence of this legacy.

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