1. The federal government will continue to pay unending accrued pension rights, except the prevailing iniquitous contributory Pension law is reviewed.
    I often wonder how PTAD source funds which they effectively use to pay DBS retirees their Pension increases promptly, and why in the same country PENCOM has failed to do same for contributory retirees who are also entitled to the pension increaments which PTAD has paid.
    The excellent service delivery from PTAD clearly indicates that unlike in the past, contributory retirees can also be paid by a public managed pension office.
    Many countries that previously embraced CPS managed by pension fund managers, have reverted to public management of Pension, what is Nigeria waiting for.?
    Why are leaders of NLC and TUC not on the same page with their colleagues in Chile and all over the world who have openly rejected the contributory pension system managed by private pension fund managers,why have they not engaged government to address the obvious problems inherent in the privately managed CPS?
    Are our labour leaders benefiting from this privatized pension system? the answer to this question in the words of Bob Dylan”is blowing in the wind?
    CPS managed by private managers should be scraped


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