1. Much interested in MIT-REAP MODEL. Nigerians are very talented people but with zero support from it’s Government and Businessmen, and its due to the lack of orientations on how invest in someone’s project . But our skills is well appreciated outside the country because the knew the value our talent. There was a situation where a student produce a prototype project but he was not even recognized at all and after his service he become a job seeker and i pity us, in general but during the Covid19 pandemic, i saw a country implemented thesame project as his, as a multimillion dollar project in thier airport, and now they are been name as one of best airport in terms Covid19 facilities.
    Back there in the University/ now on social media i have acrossed many talented students but with no support.
    Its of my dreams that one day NITDA would reunite those Talented individuals with thier dreams, by creating a convenient room for them.


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