1. DANGOTE CEMENT PROMO 2020 Buy Dangote Cement, Sugar ,Salt And Rice directly from the factory at a promo price of 1300 Naira per bag and Rice for 10,000 naira per bag, Sugar 15,000, Salt 3500 Transportation and offloading is 300 Naira, minimum for purchase is from 100 bags and above. kindly contact marketing manager ON (07065091681) for booking and delivery. Note delivery takes 48 hours and it’s nationwide.When Strength matters, Choose 3X.PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. ,Transportation cost #300 (+2347065091681)

  2. I wish to buy for personal use 200bags of Dangote
    3x Cements.
    Please instruct me on payment details.
    The cement consignment is for use in Odeomu near Oshogbo Osun State.


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