Tension as Secret Meetings scheduled in Aso Rock with international Group.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Tension as Secret Meetings scheduled in Aso Rock with international Group.
There is palpable tension as the Aso Rock has hinted that there may be some changes to the old presidential aides just a high-powered international group of young, multitalented and influential professionals who may have been in secret negotiations with the Presidency may have been scheduled to meet secretly with the President to ratify an agreement.
Details of the discussions have been kept under wraps for a very long time now, but progress has coincided with the President’s overseas trips.
According to one of our sources “Mr President has been in discussions with this group for about nine months and has already outlined a plan in agreement with this group of patriotic Nigerians from all over the world”.
A second source who is a well-known father to Nigerians stated “It is very like PMB to handle matters very carefully and in this case, he has got the new arrangement One hundred percent correct. We are all very excited about what will happen in his second term!”
An extremely tight lid might have been kept on these negotiations which include far reaching restructuring of the Buhari inner think-tank and Executive Government.
Our deep Aso Villa sources have hinted that the some of the details include:
1) A return to a Geopolitical balance with reallocation of sensitive portfolios to create adequate balance acceptable to the whole nation.
2) A shifty of focus following initial successes in anti-corruption and agriculture to technology and innovation.
3) A significant increase of women and youth participation in Executive positions.
4) Scouting for World class technocrats to participate in the Buhari administration.
5) Creating a Leadership and mentorship programme for University and other higher institution students to give them practical experience of governance and executive management. They will also be able to offer ideas and solutions during their mentorship period.
Standby news crew have been posted to catch a glimpse of the participants in these secret meetings come Wednesday.
Why these series of meetings have been shielded from the press and public remains a mystery. However, the development promises to bring a fresh look to the incumbent government if re-elected.


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