1. The chief of naval staff cut/ steals from the staffs salary every months and doesn’t even give them their due commission. Stealing from them after he collect his huge salary still not enough for him. GREED

  2. This information is not 100% correct because a privately soldier receive 45000 monthly. The investigators should have meet the soldiers, nevertheless when compare to what the senators are carting away you will strongly believe that there must be a rethink on the issue.

  3. @Michael you are quite right. the findings above are quite misleading as they are all false. No sources to their claims. A private Soldier earns more than N122848 annually as purportedly written above. They earn close to 45-50 thousand naira monthly.

    Please take time to research on critical and sensitive issues before making a post on social media. Meanwhile, i wont discredit the fact that these gallant soldiers are poorly paid when compared to other professions

  4. that is not true how can that be if their being paid even 100 thousand they won’t be happy at all do you know what it is to sacrifice your life,I won’t tolerate that


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