1. I can feel your pains Sadiq just as my President feels the pains of Nigerians! God rules in the affairs ofnmen! You have done your part. Poateriry awaits our conscience!!!!

  2. its better to stop the film village project and divert the funds allocted to other usefull projects. The manner in which this so called film industry is operating in Northern Nigeria is discouraging. Before their emergence (film industry) we farm alot to feed ourselves in the early 90’s. Our youths are agile and active also morally sound. To the extent that even a southern person that reside in this region (north) is of sound moral behaviour, hard workng dress descently and so on. but now things are the other way round because they have contributed their quota. (film imdustry).

  3. Weldon Sadiq. Sani may need to know that no Hausa film is ever produced that promotes immorality. It is rather the opposite. The films mainly showcase good values, good works, honesty,etc, result in success and triumph over bad conducts, dishonesty etc. how many people are aware that the film industry is the largest private employer of youth in Kano? They did not bring immorality to Kano or anywhere else. A lot of immorality activities are noticed around us with too little effort to curve them. This has been on for decades. Please assist in solving the ills of the society and avoid personal sentiments. A guji hassada da Neman suna ko wata daukaka ta duniya. It is more dangerous than bad things you find withing the fim industry. How I wish people like prof. Abdullah Uba Adamu etc, will respond to such kind of issues. I am not trying to drug any body in this, but i know Allah has blessed with in depth knowledge to share with us. Allah Ya gafarta mana kurakurammu. Amen.

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