1. Its Pathetic how Nigerians have elected Mentally lazy governors. Not a drop of Investment made from billions released to them in 1yr. Its a shame

  2. My state got over 71 billion from june 2015 to may 2016 and are still owning five months salaries. These people don’t have human feeling at all.

  3. why then this brahaha of no money left in d confers by past regim. if these amount still acrues to states from fedral allocation, then no body should complain among the governor’s.

    from the chart below I can see lots of cheating and short changing against some states. How can a state took home N178billion while another state took home partly N46billion in same country.

    this is wickedness. How do you want such states with little allocation to survive

  4. We most now start holding our leaders responsible.
    Because cool looting is going on while we are busy blaming Buhari.

  5. This federal allocation formular should be change. How can a state that can ganerete higher internal revenue be the state to received highers? this is injustice.

  6. My state got 56bn but yet owning four to three months salaries of Local Governments workers and Primary Schools Teachers. What is happening in Taraba?

  7. With These Huge Amounts That Go To South-South States E.G Akwa- Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Why Their Useless Youth Niger-Delta Avengers Are Still Blowing Everywhere & Accusing FG Of No Development In Their Region. Can’t They Meet Their Governors To Explain How They Spent The Allocations. Despite #173b To Akwa-ibom & #95b To Bayelsa States Respectively, The Two Still Owed Their Workers Over 5months Salary. Even Bayelsa With Just 8 LG Gotting More Than Half Of Lagos State That Has 20 LG & 37 LCDA.

  8. Nigerian governors should fear God and have mercy for the masses and remember the day of judgment is coming.

  9. I remember when Idi Ameen told some people that he cannot be fool the people that were being pleaded for where Obote men. So politicians are all the same? What are they going to tell people that they have done with all these allocations, and if they cannot account for it what sense does it make to say we are fighting against corrupt people. Should we wait until they are out of office before we start asking them questions? I think Governor Ayade of Cross Rivers, Ambode of Lagos and El Rufai of Kaduna are trying. From what I have seen from the chart, Ayade did not even receive up to what some some state received yet he is paying his workers very well. God help us.

  10. Too bad for the masses and workers, people are dieing even now,no money food,health,school and house rent while governor’s are singing the song of no money in the state.I therefore,implore the eagle eye, EFCC to investigate on how governors has spent the huge sum of money and arrest any public officer who diverted public fund for any self reasons. People are dying every day. They should be called and explain how they spend the public fund resulting to back log of worker’s salaries while received so much money in 12 months.

  11. I will like to be receiving he online reports of this wonderful magazine. Thanks for doing a good job

    Dr Idong Edo


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