1. The point is, the mess shouldn’t be blamed on Jonathan or PDP but all the direct and indirect beneficiaries as opportunists who encouraged and defended the recklessness and impunity. Buhari himself should know that, he was one of the indirect beneficiaries if at all he has conscience, dignity and sense of fairness and integrity. He should either defend himself against being sponsored with such illgotten wealth fot his electioneering campaign, subsistence and other benefits, or he should draw a line. Most of the funds involved by the now bankrupt state governmens crying out for bailout, went into his and other campaigns in question. Refusing to take this guilt into consideration will amount to selective or even sheer injustice, which is certain to backfire. Also, many of the APC figures who matter are too filthy to be embraced by the President in his current mood, spirit and claim of being a messiah.

  2. Can u review what u just said? You are directly saying that the current president is a corrupt leader himself.
    Just hear urself! You refer to indirect benefactors as “opportunists.”
    Hmmm… Listen up; If those who have direct access to these funds didn’t temper with them, do u therefore think that these “indirect benefactors” as u call them would also have a grasp of it?

    Call a spade a spade. Do not leave the major issues to the detriment of mudane things. Thats one area we had issues with the former administration, whereby those who stole in huge sums walks freely along our streets but those who stole very little got as much as 35 – 150yrs in prison as of the case in Ogun state.


    ONE 9JA!!!

  3. This is correct, brother. Nobody should consider himself a saint as far as the Nigerian factor is concerned. From the day of Buhari’s debut in politics to date he has been nursed and fed with ill-gotten wealth and have been thoroughly sponsored by the Nigeria’s major kleptocrats. He should therefore punish himself and his cronies first instead of crying wolf where there is none. Jonathan has done his best and in as much as nobody is hundred percent saint nobody is hundred percent devil. The devil should therefore be given his due. Buhari should concentrate on the issue of security and reviving of the economy as he godlessly promised.


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