Nellie Mayshak: A Passion For The Elderly


It is a notorious fact that the Nigerian pension system is a mesh of corruption. The last two years have seen revelations of ungodly atrocities in the management of defined pension scheme where public officers were indicted and jailed for stealing billions in pension funds. The situation was the reason that many retired officers and family members of those deceased were unable to collect their gratuities or benefits many years after. Many pensioners died while queuing endlessly to verify their identities.

All these are about to change with the appointment of Ms. Nellie Mayshak to head the newly established Pension Transition Arrangement Directorate. Nellie appears to be a natural for the job because of an inborn abhorrence to see the elderly suffer. She has been heard complaining that it is one of the worst behaviours to make people suffer after serving their fatherland for so long.

Nellie is an international development expert with over 25 years’ experience in public sector management, both in Canada and internationally. Nellie’s particular expertise is in institutional strengthening of government structures and processes and building capacity for effective public policy management, reform management and coordination.

Mayshak is the pioneer Director General of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) which was established in August 2013 in compliance with the Pension Reform Act (PRA) of 2004 and the New Pension Reform Act 2014 as an independent pension agency for the Public Service of the Federation. PTAD oversees the management of pensions under the Defined Benefit Scheme for pensioners not transiting to the defined contributory scheme.

Prior to her appointment as DG, Nellie was the National Programme Manager for the Federal Public Administration Reform Programme, a UK Government/Federal Government of Nigeria collaboration to reform the Public Service of Nigeria. The FEPAR programme worked with leaders of core central FGN institutions to improve core systems and processes for policy, budget and civil service management.

Nellie has been involved in international development projects in Eastern Europe, China and many African countries, including Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa and Sudan.

Prior to accepting the responsibility to Federal Public Administration Reform programme, Nellie had led the reconstruction of the Civil Service of Liberia, a post conflict country with a collapsed public service. She worked with senior government officials to develop the first ever Civil Service Reform Strategy that is being implemented in the Country.

In Liberia, Nellie had the privilege of being of service to the first elected female President in Africa, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Hosting Her Excellency in workshops and briefing sessions with Her Excellency are personal and professional high points.

Another of her professional highlights was in Ghana where she led a long running institutional development project in the office of the President in the Government of Ghana to improve the operational processes for Cabinet decision-making and the policy management capacity of senior officials.

Nellie has advised the Kenya Prime Minister’s Office, and the Uganda Cabinet Office.

Of notable reference is Nellie’s experience from her work in reforming the public administration of Lithuania into the EU.

Before going into consultancy, the adorable lady worked in senior management positions in the Ontario (Canada) Public Service where she gained extensive practical experience while performing in high profile positions as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Cabinet Office, Policy Advisory to the Solicitor General and Minister of Correctional Services, Director of Research for a Justice Commission, among others. For a number of years, Nellie also served as the Deputy Director for International Programs at the institute of Public Administration of Canada, IPAC.

Nellie holds a BA from the University of Ife, MA in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, Canada and has also completed all but the dissertation requirements towards a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Toronto, Canada.


  1. Woah! I’m in love with Nellie Mayshak profile. She’s got a great educational background too and she sure has got a great wealth of experience and ideas to be able to handle the pension and gratuity matters in Nigeria. It’s about time someone who’s more than capable is given the reins to direct the affairs of the elderly.


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