Road Map for Northern Nigeria


  •     Restore inter-religious peace between Muslims and Christians
  •     End sources of and all acts of terror
  •     Abolishing the Almajiri system and enact laws to penalize same
  •     Revive and recapitalize the joint Northern Company the NNDC and upgrade it to a Multinational company
  •     An Agricultural master plan for exports of cash crops such as cotton
  •     Right sizing and restructuring of educational institution to emphasize on sciences and tech
  •     Investment in Solid minerals exploration and exportation
  •     Massive reforestation program in the border states
  •     A tourism master plan and massive investment in hospitality industry
  •     Investment in solar Energy and hydroelectric power
  •     Abolishing or reforming the Emirate system to adapt it to the realities of the 21st century
  •     Investment in sports academies
  •     Abolishing unnecessary religious censorship on film industry and massive investment on Kano film industry or Kannywood
  •     Reaching out to China, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia on reviving Kano, Kaduna and Jos moribund industries
  •     Resettling the Fulani cattle rearing and modernizing and streamlining the meat and leather Industry for domestic consumption and export
  •     Internal revenue generation drive
  •     Fiscal autonomy of state assemblies and local Government councils
  •     A Dubai style international markets in the states bordering Abuja
  •     State Governors must end pilfering public funds
  •     Massive and free ICT education for pupils, Students and Youths
  •     Reviving Lake Chad for fishing and oil exploration
  •     Massive international media campaign to restore the good image of the region and to attract investment
  •     Proactive civil society groups to challenge Bad governance, extremism and rights violations
  •     Establishing six university of Medicine and free education for eligible students
  •     Use of Mosques and Churches for Micro credit scheme
  •     Setting up of a Northern Investment Bank
  •     Ten year energy independence program by investing in and developing Bio fuels
  •     Setting up of Northern Investment Forum offices in Dubai, China, India, Brazil and South Korea.

Shehu Sani
Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria

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