A Southerner’s Letter to President on Fair Revenue to the North


It is no longer news that the clamour for the increase in allocation by some northern governors for their respective states has generated the much anticipated heated argument from several quarters and gatherings over the last couple of weeks. This has no doubt awaken the debate of a one Nigeria structure, which has also led for need to emphasize on the subject matter with a view to finding a lasting solution to these rising issues.

Mr. President, it is on that the northern states of Nigeria are the least beneficiaries in terms of the monthly federal allocation and other federal allocation and other federal dividend in the country today. Suffice to say that the reason for this is mainly because of their geographic location and nothing more, thus suffering from this unequal sharing formula which was neither caused by man but rather location and nature. Giving to the fact that the northern region plays its enormous role in the Nigerian state and economy, it will therefore not be out of context for the region to equally benefit adequate from the region and keeping alive the Nigerian dream which is fast crumbling owing to recent occurrence that threatens the entity of the nation.

Mr. president this issue as simple as it may seem, can actually threaten the unity of this country as certain biased individuals in north and south are already uttering unpleasant comments (unknowingly inciting anyone who cares to listen) and thereby igniting our already frail and weak entity which we are still striving to preserve. I believe that every individual or state has the fundamental right to demand for what is deemed callings from some individual is most regrettable and appalling.
The north as it today provides for almost all the agricultural produce that feeds the entire country with its vast arable farm lands and manpower capacity and therefore needs all the support from the federal government to boost its capacity which in time past was the main source of income for the Nigeria state before the discovery and sale oil.

It is clear that because of the meagre take home allocation and the failure of the government to consolidate and explore the already God giving raw materials and agricultural produce as it once were, and the abject inability of the state government to revive these industries has ultimately led to the idleness currently experienced in some northern states and of course the rise of insecurity, most notably the Boko Haram menace.

It may also interest you to know that despite the penalty allocation received by the north, some of the Northern Governors in their respective states, which includes and Zamfara states and Gombe state respectively. These governors have embarked in mind blowing projects that have affected the lives of its people and are clear and evident for all to see.

I am therefore appealing to you Mr. President to ponder on yearnings of the northern governors and look into this matter critically as it affects the region with a view to addressing this shortfall under your amiable leadership. This appeal is being made without prejudice to the special needs of some other region peculiar desires especially those of the Niger Delta states that suffers enormous economic environmental degradation.

I am also appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to join hands In creating a favourable atmosphere where peace will thrive, because those yearnings is obviously for the good of all Nigerians in general. After all, the north and south have shared a common relationship, and as such, this is definitely not about the North and South or Christians and Muslims, but the diversity which we share in our entity that makes us a great country to our fatherland.

I would kindly suggest that consultations and discussion commence immediately on this subject matter where every regions interest is represented to review the federal allocation sharing formula. This will no doubt make us stronger and more united, where we will certainly live in the Nigeria of our dreams harnessing our God giving potentials for the good of the country,

Timi Frank
A Concerened Nigerian


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