Cybersecurity Out to Address Computer Risk in Africa

securreA magazine CyberSecurity-Africa magazine, also known as CSA magazine has debut in Nigeria to offer exclusive reports on cyberspace, cybercrime and cyber security from an African perspective. The publication would also connect the African populace to the global information network and activities in cyber space – highlighting the direct socio-political impacts.

CSA magazine is the first exclusive bi-monthly publication focused on providing a voice for Africa in cyber space.

The magazine, which the publishers said “will be available both in print and online versions” is committed to bringing to the fore the diverse and sometimes contentious issues that affect the Nigerian and more widely, the African cyberworld.

While other continents such as Europe, America and the Middle East have built a presence and consolidated their positions, for growth and investment flow via cyberspace, the question one needs to ask is ‘’Where is Africa in the scheme of things?” Africa is the fastest growing emerging market, yet parties from other continents dictate the rules of engagement for legitimate use of this borderless channel. African participation typically takes the form of following, adopting and adapting its use to meet these rules. Now is the time to change the status quo on rules of engagement as Africa and Africans becomes more prevalent in their use of cyberspace. The Global Voice should not be complete without full African participation. CYBERSECURITY-AFRICA magazine will provide the platform for the African voice to be heard.

To date, African nations have not received a fair share or hearing in global affairs directly affecting their survival or in relation to their strategic competitiveness. A poll of global cybercrime statistics and figures, on Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa have had negative and damaging impact on the reputations and economies of these nations. CSA magazine will provide insight into the preparedness, policy direction and citizenry expectations of African governments to engage competitively in cyberspace. It also seeks to promote investments, initiatives, innovations and developmental issues in cybersecurity from an African perspective. 

Conceived as a public-private media collaboration, CSA magazine will provide substantive articles and important analysis on government policies and corporate actions that impact upon our readers, while simultaneously showcasing Africa’s capacity to engage in strategic business partnerships that drive real economic value.

In addition, the magazine seeks enlighten the public and private sectors on the engagement status of African countries in cyber space including highlighting vulnerable and exploitable digital habits that may negatively impact on the national security and economic growth of African nations. It would also inform the African reader, law makers, policy shapers and interest groups of global matters emanating from cyber space, by keeping abreast of the latest information on the security, trends, e-crime, that has direct consequence on the fate of every African and African Institutions.


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