FRC Warns MDA on Budget Implementation

YelwaThe Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC) has cautioned against extra-budgetary provisions by Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government (MDAs).
The Chairman of the Commission, Alhaji Aliyu Jibril Yelwa said such reckless spending reflected the level of financial indiscipline in the country as he urged all ministries and agencies to ensure they submit quarterly presentations of the budgetary implementation details to the commission.
He was speaking with a delegation from Kwara State Fiscal Responsibility Commission in Abuja.

He added that most supplementary budgets are not in consonance with the Fiscal Responsibility Act as they are not based on the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). He said his commission would not take kindly to flagrant violations of the Act by any organ of government.
In his own remarks, the Chairman of Kwara State Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Alhaji Shehu Gafar said Nigeria had long gone astray from the path of accountability.
He said incessant military interventions in the polity were responsible for the descent into bad governance and fall in moral values, adding that Fiscal Responsibility, best practices would restore Nigeria to the path of sanity. He said the delegation of Kwara Fiscal Responsibility Commission now had a better grasp of the workings of the Act and the responsibilities of the Commission.

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