Gov. Shekarau of Kano Signs N122.6b Budget

Governor Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano State has signed into law the Kano State 2011 appropriation bill of N122.6 billion. The amount reflects an increment of N13 billion on the original N109 billion proposal submitted by the governor to the state Assembly in December 2010.

Speaking after signing the appropriation bill, Governor Shekarau said his administration had maintained a 75 per cent budget implementation rate. He said though his administration had to contend with challenges, especially in the past two years, the government had impacted positively in the lives of the people.

He said his administration has been as transparent as possible as the government publishes its annual budget content for the people to scrutinize and for reference.

Shekarau said the monthly earnings and expenditures of the government are made public in the interest of accountability and transparency.

Shekarau said the Kano State 2011 Budget is expected to be funded from a projected revenue receipt of 84.5 billion from the federal allocations and an internally generated revenue and a capital receipt of N24.8 billion from Value Added Tax.

He described the proposal as a balanced budget, with the agriculture sector getting an allocation of N11.2 billion. The health sector, according to the governor, is allocated the sum of N10.7 while education got N24.1 billion.


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