National Cyber Security Summit in Tinapa

National Cybersecurity Summit for National Defense & Law Enforcement will take place in Tinapa Business Resort on 27-29th October, 2010.

The Theme:
“Harmonizing Strategies against National Vulnerability and Cybercrime: -A Strategic Stride towards achieving Vision 202020”
The Summit Objectives:
1.      The overall summit objectives is to Connect Law enforcement and security agencies with tested strategies, to develop cybersecurity capacity required to effectively and collaboratively engage cybercrime. A combination of Nation’s security and law enforcement agencies, industry and academia are required to send the global message that cybercrime will not thrive in Nigeria.

2.      The summit will create leverage for vital collective responsibility as a nation to build our law enforcement and security agencies’ capacity to secure and protect our digital economic driving force and wireless delivery vehicle.

3.      The summit will activate development of local framework for cybersecurity innovations and solutions for the protection of all public and private institutions, businesses, and those who venture online, most especially as online services become a more integral part of our citizens’ lives.

4.      Formulate a harmonised nation-wide dossier of cybersecurity initiatives for common adoption by industry leaders, academia, government agencies and other stakeholders in the fight against cybercrime

For details on registration, participation and exhibition, please visit or call 0803-7017537


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