ICT Steers Assessment World – Prof. Ojerinde

Prof Ojerinde
The President of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA), Professor Adedibu Ojerinde has admitted that the dynamics in the assessment world have changed fundamentally across the globe. According to him, the Theories, Models, Policies, Principles and Practice of evaluation have under gone a lot of vicissitudes and panel beating with their corollary outcomes which are both positive and negative.

Professor Ojerinde who is also Registrar General of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), made the disclosure at the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Conference of the association in Bangkok, Thailand.

He said that assessment has travelled beyond its traditional purview of the four walls of school environment. It has since become a norm in practically all spheres of human endeavours. He added that “Information and Technology now steer the ship of our assessment world. But these have not debased the basics and fundamentals of evaluation. No doubt, advances in technology and the corresponding changes in societal structures have made the role of education increasingly complex.”

Prof. Ojerinde pointed out that “enormous pressure is being exerted on educational systems and processes especially in this era of changing global economy. Meeting the challenges of assessment in this 21st Century is placing greater demands on exchange of information and sharing of problems on international basis. This era of globalization has brought about greater interdependence of nations and the benefits of sharing of resources in addressing common needs and problems. “

As President of global educational body, the registrar of JAMB promised to continue to pursue vigorously the vision of advancing innovations and good global practices in the field of educational assessment, evaluation and research.

He said: “I hope to continue to also foster international cooperation and facilitate the development of closer ties among relevant agencies and individuals around the world, while noting and appreciating the peculiarities of our cultural and political autonomies. In the spirit of encouraging closer ties, the Executive Committee has decided to move its meetings around member countries and so the next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held in Singapore.”

Meanwhile in another development the International Association for Educational Assessment has decided to name the Annual Student Scholarship award in memory former scribe of the global body, Frances Marie Ottorbre from 2011. Prof. Ojerinde said the honour was in recognition of her immense contributions to the establishment and development of IAEA.

The Economic Confidential gathered that  IAEA Conference is one of the major events in the world of educational assessment, as it continues to bring together leading educational assessment experts and providers of examination from around the globe with the sole aim of advancing the course of the Association.


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