Hacker attacks National Assembly Website

Sanate President David Mark
As Nigerians enjoy a public holiday to celebrate Islamic festival of Eid-Fitr a hacker has defaced the official website of the National Assembly, the bicameral legislature and the highest elective law-making body in Nigeria.

The Economic Confidential, an online economic magazine discovered that some pages of the website were defaced by a user named ‘Navid Karimi’ without giving his true identity and reasons for the attack.

The website of the National Assembly which contains briefs on the 109-member Senate and the 360-member House of Representatives also has pages on legislative matters. It could not be established if the attacker has removed or replaced some vital web contents.

As at Sunday afternoon (September 12, 2010) four days after the Economic Confidential discovered the attack, some of the pages, including the one on “History of the Nigerian Senate” still displayed conspicuously the name of the hacker at the bottom of the page with a strange image.

The country does not have a framework for cyber security innovations and solutions for the protection of all public and private institutions, businesses, and those who venture online, most especially as online services become a more integral part of citizens’ lives.

With several reported cases of websites of sensitive organisations being hacked into for cyber criminalities a National Cyber security Summit for National Defence & Law Enforcement is billed to take place in Tinapa Business Resort on 27-29th October, 2010.

Organised by Cyber Solution Africa, the theme of the summit which is “Harmonizing Strategies against National Vulnerability and Cybercrime” would update Law enforcement and security agencies with tested strategies, to develop cyber security capacity required to effectively and collaboratively engage cybercrime. The summit intend to create leverage for vital collective responsibility as a nation to build  law enforcement and security agencies’ capacity to secure and protect our digital economic driving force and wireless delivery vehicle.


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