Family Tips in Celebrating Ramadan Festivity

Ramadan comes to an end this month, September 2010. Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar which encourages and imbibes in Muslims the spirit of endurance, modesty and good moral conducts. After the fasting, Muslims look forward to Eid-Fitr the celebration.

As homemakers, mothers and wives should not forget their responsibility to make the festival worthwhile but with economic sense. Our responsibility is enormous, especially in homefront as every aspect of the celebration depends solely on us.
So what are we expected to do? 
First and foremost, we should try to be contented with what we have or what we are provided with. Homemakers should avoid lifestyle and excessive spending for the celebration. There are situations where we become envious of other families’ expenditure which we wish to copy. We should not live beyond our means in our desire to impress others. However, this can lead to debt and put a significant amount of stress on a marriage. We should be responsible in our spending. We should appreciate and have contentment no matter the level of resources in our disposal. As they always say: “Don’t spoil what you have by desiring what you haven’t.” If we look at things we may realize that what we possess now was once our dreamt possession from hope. Contentment as self-discipline is a natural wealth, which we can plan upon for inner fulfillment and success. Those who normally cut their coat according to their sizes are happily contented.
Secondly, we could make our homes to look more glamorous by cleaning and decorating some spots within the home to make it look different from what it used to be. Making our home trendy is not about changing the whole items including furniture, beddings or other fittings. There is nothing wrong if we buy new bedspread, flowers, and probably lavishly spray air freshener in our homes to welcome our visitors.
Thirdly, being a special occasion, we may prepare special meals, with abundant ingredients to make the food delightfully delicious to our family and guests. On occasion like this, we can afford, at least for that day, forget about the rules of weight-watching or dieting. We could exercise afterward. After 30 days of fasting, we should treat ourselves to the bumptious meal and enjoy the company of relations and well-wishers.
Fourthly, if the family can afford special outings to make the festivity more memorable, we can organize picnics at conducive environments. Picnic is a form of outdoor relaxation to unwind and where the children could catch the fun. On the alternative, a visit to family friends could be desirable.
As we celebrate the festivity, we should do things in moderation. May the Almighty Allah grant us long live to witness more and more of the period. Barka da Sallah.
Sikrat Yushau


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