Homemaker: Making the Best of Our Days

Reading this page for the first time? Homemaker focuses on how to take care of the home-front; develop better families and make our homes delightful abodes with available resources. In this edition we shall look at how to occupy and engage our times against boredom and loneliness especially when we are on break. The beauty of a woman is more inward than outwards. After all “the best deed comes first.” If we do not take care of ourselves we cannot properly care for the family.
There are different ways we can take care of ourselves. Civilization and technology have made thing easier for women. Fashion has risen to a very high level and women without age limit are exploring and experimenting with fashion of different types, some have classified our era as “fashionista”, this should not let us forget our cultural values and background.
Talking about civilization, we should not depend solely on foreign outfits and their ways of life, especially their mode of dressing. We can modernize our own local fabrics and costumes to suit our needs and look radiantly beautiful even in customs and characters.
There are some important and worthwhile steps recommended to be taken in order to care for ourselves. Many writers in recent times consciously or unconsciously forget to put the Almighty God first. Prayer should be number one in seeking for guidance and contentment; it gives us rest of mind and ultimately makes us strong due to the faith or strong beliefs that soothe our nerves. As they say “seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, other things will fall in place”
A woman should at least sleep for about seven hours a day. Without proper sleep, no matter how and what we may apply on our skin will not yield good results. It has been scientifically proven that lack of proper sleep can cause weight gain and gives us unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Regular exercise is good for the body to look trim and elegant. Daily exercise does not need to be strenuous. We can take a walk probably with our spouses to help excellent circulation and pumping of blood. I think everybody now understands the meaning of exercising and breathing in fresh air.
Reaching out to friends and family play important role in our lives, we all have friends we can confide in, sharing moment with them, seek advice and exchange ideas; interactions with good friends enliven our spirits.
Advantages of reading spiritual and inspirational books cannot be overemphasized in maintaining a balance between our physical and spiritual beings. The intention of most Inspiring and Spiritual Books is to expand our Self Awareness with insights and simple truths that make a lot of sense. Authors do a great job of bringing fascinating new perspectives to the table and help us reinforce what we already know to be true – in creative and thought-provoking ways.

A wise person once said that if we were to pull just one or two really meaningful insights, big ideas, or good perspectives from each book we read – and that is usually pretty easy – then they are certainly worth our small investment of time and money.
Aside from the fact that a woman should check the interior of the house daily, where she may discover areas that require finishing torches, she should also take time out to look at the mirror once in a while in order to appreciate herself and look at putting herself in good shape. There is nothing as good as making oneself look good and derive joy from the feeling of satisfaction that you are naturally beautiful inward.
Look out for etiquette of appearance in the next edition.



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