Yobe to Get N400m for desert control in Yobe

altTHE federal government will spend over N400 million in Yobe State to address serious ecological problems including drought, desertification, sand dunes manifestations and erosion.
Minister of Environment Mr. John Odey stated this rat the North East Arid Zone Development Programme (NEAZDP) headquarters in Bade local government area of Yobe State> He said the government has evolved new measures aimed at addressing environmental challenges as a way of alleviating poverty in desert prone areas.
He added that measures to control the desertification include drought amelioration project, Cactus Opuntia plantation and rehabilitation of oases in eight local government areas seriously threatened by desertification.  He also said the federal government has also approved the establishment of integrated model village development programme, sand dunes fixation, establishment of rangeland, rain water harvesting and various afforestation programmes in Yobe and other frontline states this year.


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