America Plans to Takeover Nigeria


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An American anti-tax protester crashed his plane into a seven storey building in Texas on Thursday 18th February 2010; the building which accommodates office of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was set on fire by the plane crash after the pilot had set his own house on fire earlier that morning and publishing a rambling suicide manifesto on the internet.

The man, identified by authorities as Joseph Stack, aged 53, apparently launched a suicide attack, killing one worker and seriously injuring two others, after decades of economic setbacks and struggles with tax payments and accountants. The reasons for his action as published on a website states that “Violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer,” the software engineer who is also a pilot continued by saying “I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”

The suicide plane crash which took place in Austin Texas at about 10:00 am has revealed that America is not sincere about their war against terror, the detention of Abdul Mutallab and the blacklisting of Nigeria as a terrorist country. This is because, as soon as the Austin plane crash occurred and the culprit identified as an American, the American government immediately unpublished the website on which Stack posted his suicide note so that people can no longer have access to it. It is apparent that America government is trying to keep the incident away from the world, unfortunately, that is not possible. The America media refused to give elaborate live coverage to the Austin plane crash as they have done in the past when citizens of other countries are involved. Hence, because Joseph Stack was an American the first statement that was issued by the American authorities was that “the Austin Plane Crash is not a Terrorist Attack”.

By this statement, every sincere and objective mind will begin to question the truthfulness of America as it relates to its war against terror. Why should America suddenly change the definition of terrorism even when Joseph Stack carried out exactly the same actions as those of 9/11 attacks? He even used the same words as the 9/11 terrorists “violence…is the only answer” There are no two ways about it; the American who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin Texas is a Terrorist. Hence, America must begin investigations to ascertain the far and remote causes behind this crash, find and apprehend others (still alive) who are in one way or the other connected to this crash and lastly America must list itself as a terrorist country. Only then will they be seen as sincere in their fight against terrorism.

If America refuses to do as stated above, then they do not have any moral justification to fight terrorism be it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or Nigeria. They should and must release Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, remove Nigeria from their list of terrorists’ countries, tender apologies to Nigeria and lastly shut down the Guantanamo Bay “concentration camp” prison as they have promised to do.

Available records reveal that Joseph Stack is not a poor fellow. Can a man who has a single-engine, four-seat Piper Cherokee plane registered in his name be described as a poor man? Consider the cost of acquiring and maintaining the aircraft. This further goes to prove that he is a real terrorist; most terrorists have wealthy backgrounds and courses for which they fight. It is not important if the course is religious, political or monetary – as in the case of Joseph Stack. A terrorist is a terrorist and must be treated as such; there should be no exception to the rule.

Listing Nigeria among the terrorist countries is the first step in America’s grand plan to move into Nigeria and do to us what they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran; to kill and steal our natural resources, especially the oil (this might take several years from now). Hence, Nigeria government must not take this issue lightly because; anyone who wishes to cross a river must first dip one leg in the water to test its depth, that is exactly what America has done by listing Nigeria as a terrorists’ country. Their intended aim will be very easy for them; after all they have gathered enough statistics about Nigeria through the so-called International Non-Governmental Organizations such as USAID, UN based organisations and even the MDGs. They have used these organizations to gather accurate data about Nigeria under the guise of providing assistance, they write and send all kinds of reports back to their country, these reports could be requested by the CIA, FBI or any other intelligence organizations in the US; hence they know our strengths and weaknesses, they perfectly understand the power of statistics. They already have details of the physical terrain of Nigeria, this they have gotten through their satellite imagery and Geographical Information System (GIS). For instance, all you need to do is go to google website and type the map of places in Nigeria and it will be displayed right before you. If my insinuations are incorrect, then let the US explain what they mean by listing Nigeria as a terrorist country.

It is rather unfortunate that Nigeria is passing through some serious internal crisis this period; a state of anarchy. This is the more reason why the nation has to resolve the issue of State House Ambulance as quickly as possible, so that the country’s leadership ca
n face other serious issues.

By McDonald Koiki



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