Yobe State’s Budget of Continuity 2010

Address By His Excellency,Alhaji Ibrahim Geidam FNCA, CPA
On the Occasion of Presentation of 2010 Finance and Appropriation Bills to the Yobe State House of Assembly, on Wednesday 30th December, 2009

Bismillahi-Rahmanir-Rahim Wasallallahu Ala-Nabiyul Karim

Ladies and Gentlemen,


          It is with great delight and utmost gratitude to the Almighty Allah that I stand here before this Honourable House to deliver the Yobe State 2010 Finance and Appropriation Bills. This onerous responsibility I am about to discharge is in consonance with section 121 (1) and (2) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Let me therefore take this opportunity to commend the Honourable House for the unprecedented level of cooperation it has been extending to us since its inception. While what I am about to present to you today are the highlights of the programme which our administration intends to pursue during the next Fiscal Year, it is worthy of note that, this presentation is of immense importance to the political and socio-economic development of our dear state. 2.        It is equally worth noting that your input in the form of legislation which is being sought is essential for the legitimacy of the entire package.  It therefore behooves on you to study the submission and give your inputs so that collectively as partners in progress, we will move our State to greater heights.

3.       Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, you are all aware that in the year 2009, we witnessed unprecedented economic downslide which was described in economic terms as global economic meltdown. This scenario had affected all facets of the world economy, particularly mono-cultural economies like ours with its over dependence on crude oil revenue.  This regrettably entails a huge reduction in our revenue receipts. As you all know, Yobe is among the States faced with most Herculean challenges of development in the Federation. In spite of the abundant natural potentialities and the efforts made so far, agricultural production, which is the main stay of our State’s economy, is still largely at subsistence level.

4.         In our desperate attempt to generate employment, increase productivity, enhance income and promote self-reliance of the people, the State Government has sought and obtained the collaboration of the World Bank, the European Union and other international donor agencies. 

It is expected that such drives, combined with our other efforts, would usher in increased investment and commercial activities, thus laying a solid foundation for checking rural-urban drift and creating an enabling environment for the future industrialization of the state. 


5.       During the year under review, we estimated a budget of N51, 925, 000, 000.  Information available has indicated that the total revenue actually received from January to November amounted to N38, 761, 128, 520.90 giving us 75% success in the budget performance.

6.       Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, it is pertinent for me to highlight what we have achieved in terms of our set goals during the year under review.  Going by the objectives of the 2009 budget, this administration has made concerted efforts to implement policies and programmes with far reaching impact on the populace.  Evidence of this abounds if one takes a cursory glance at the State’s landscape, which is bubbling with physical and infrastructural development landmarks.  For ease of reference it is necessary to highlight them sector by sector.


7.     Under the economic sector, we acted as facilitators and a stimulus towards the creation of an enabling environment in order to make the state economy more vibrant. Some of these measures are;

(a)  Purchase of over 700 units of Tractors through the Local     Government Joint Accounts and distributing them to the 17 local governments, and another additional 30 units for the State        Mechanization Authority

(b)      Procurement of 600 metric tonnes of assorted Fertilizer

(c)   Procurement of assorted grains under our strategic grains reserve          programme

(d)      Purchase of assorted animal vaccines, fodder bank and drugs

(e)     Prompt release of monthly subvention to the NEAZDP to ensure sustainability

(f)      Procurement and distribution of assorted tree seedlings

(g)  Setting up of local government environmental sanitation      committees  

(h)   Release of funds for the continuation of work at the 3-Star hotel in         Damaturu

(i)   Purchase of 210 metric tonnes of assorted aluminum raw materials          for the Aluminum roofing sheets factory

(j)    Electrification of Kukuwa town

(k )   Payment for license/certificate in respect of pre-stressed concrete         poles industry


8.       In the social sector, we have undertaken the following:-

     a)     Construction of 2 and 3 Bedroom Houses, 10 units in each                      Local Government,         

b)      Award of contract for the construction of 256 Housing estates               in Damaturu,   

c)       Construction of 100 houses in Damaturu through direct labour               in conjunction with Federal Mortgage Bank

d)      Construction of 12 units of 3 Bedroom legislators’ quarters

e)  Continuation of work at the 300 housing units along                                     Maiduguri road,

f)            Payment of Land compensation in respect of Power                           Holding          Company of Nigeria (PHCN) 330/132/33KVA                 line,    Nayi nawa drainage project among others;

g)     Furnishing of Pride FM Radio Station and payment of             licenses fee to the National Broadcasting Commission

h)           Purchase of modern Public Address Van

i)             Renovation of YTV complex and purchase of micro-wave           link

j)           Renovation of the General Sani Abatcha Specialist Hospital, Damaturu

k.           Renovation and supply of equipment to other Hospitals     across the state and continuation of work on construction of 200 bed capacity Ultra Modern Hospital in Damaturu;

l.            Supply of drugs for the take off of the free medical services      for the vulnerable groups

m.          Continuation of feeding at designated points during          Ramadan Fasting period

n.           Payment for the construction and renovation of classes, hostels administrative block, staff quarters etc in our educational   institutions;

o.       Effecting payment of SSCE/NECO registration fees,   bursary, tuition, and scholarship to our students in tertiary institutions

p.       Over 300 Science and Mathematics teachers were also trained at the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja;

q.       We also effected payment to contractors to cover students feeding among others.



9.  Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, in the Regional Development sector, some of the projects undertaken during the period under review were:

(a)          Drilling of 48 constituency boreholes,

(b)          Supply of drilling rigs and equipment

(c)          Bulk purchase of pipes and other consumables

(d)          Completion of Damaturu Inner Ring Road and construction of four Round – About at the four cardinal points

(e)          Award of contract for the construction of Bukarti-Geidam road

(f)          Construction of  Babban-Gida –Chirokusko road

(g)          Award of contract for Asphalt Overlaying and rehabilitation of Kaliari-Bayamari-Geidam road

(h)          Access roads were provided for the State House of Assembly and the High Court Complexes

(i)           Continuation of work at the Nguru- Machina road

(j)           Payment for the construction of Geidam-Maine Soroa road

(k)          Continuation of work at the Potiskum-Jakusko- Gashua road


10.     In the General Administration sector, we initiated and implemented projects and programmes that have far-reaching bearing on our people. Some of these are:

(a)      Successful conduct of the 2009 Local Government Elections

(b)   Purchase of 17 double cab Toyota Hilux for the conduct of the      local    government elections.

(c)   Purchase and distribution of 34 brand new vehicles to security       operatives to enhance their operational capabilities,

(d)      Construction of Library and Mini printing press at the State                  House of Assembly

(e)     Construction of new Deputy Governors Office Complex

(f)   Award of contract for the construction of new Office Complex       for the SSG and HOS

11.     Purchase of utility vehicles, office furniture, equipment and Generator sets among others. Having reviewed, even though in brief, the performance of the budget 2009, it is now time to present the Budget 2010.


12. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, for the 2010 budget, we propose to spend the sum of N62,420,341,000 which will be generated from the following sources:

a.       Opening Balance                                   N5, 500, 000, 000

b.       Statutory Allocation                               N29, 086, 000, 000

c.       Value Added Tax (VAT)                         N6, 226, 000, 000

d.       Locally generated Revenue –                    N2, 574, 000, 000

e.       External Loans                                    N   525,560,000

f.       Internal loans                                     N6, 670, 659, 000

g.       Excess crude oil                                   N9, 962, 000, 000

h.       Grants                                               N1, 876, 122, 000

13.     Out of this amount, the sum of N42, 875, 960,000 or 69% will be devoted to capital expenditure, while N19, 544, 381,000 or 31% will be earmarked for recurrent expenditure.



14.     The sectoral allocations are broadly made as follows:


a.       Economic sector                         N16,959,000,000      – 40 %

b.       Social sector                    N11, 225,960,000     – 26 %

c.       Regional Development-        N6, 982,000,000       – 16 %

d.       General Admin                           N7,709,000,000                 – 18 %

                             Total              N42, 875,960,000    – 100%

15.  Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, the Budget 2010 for us is yet another opportunity to consolidate on the varied and far reaching gains already made that will further move Yobe    to     the   path    of    socio-economic greatness. It is a budget, which intends to address poverty as well as complete a number of on-going projects.  In short it is a budget that has in stock a lot of goodies for multi sectoral and grass root development.

16.     The programme of action we have chosen to implement would continue to be those that are people-oriented in the areas of Education, Agriculture, Health Care Delivery, Industry, Commerce, Poverty Reduction, Entrepreneurial Development, Water Supply and provision of Basic Infrastructure. 

These, I believe, will address the myriads of problems bedeviling Yobe as well as to make it take its rightful place among its peers in the Federation.   

17.     It is for this reason that we have decided to name this year’s budget the “BUDGET OF CONTINUITY”.  Under this banner, we shall continue to mobilize all our people to march forward with renewed vigour, greater commitment, higher confidence, deep patriotism and  genuine hope, so that, we can collectively complete all our on-going projects, combat all features of under development and by the special grace of the Almighty Allah, attain a self-re-generating and sustainable development.

18.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, the budget 2010,  is unique, in the sense that it is the last budget before the budget of the election year.  .The year 2010 is going to be our final opportunity to consolidate, solidify and give finishing touches to all our efforts in the previous years. It will also enable us focus on the challenges ahead for the next phase of our ANPP administration by the special grace of the Almighty Allah.



19      Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, in consonance with our electioneering campaign manifesto and policy statements contained in our inaugural address, the philosophy and thrust of the 2010 Budget shall continue to be poverty alleviation through intensive and integrated urban and rural development.  Our administration shall continue to focus on improving the living standard of the people of Yobe. To this end, the 2010 Budget will emphasise the improvement of basic areas of need. In specific terms Government will accord priority to projects that have the potential for:-

a)            Enhancing educational status of the state.

b)            Creating employment opportunity for peoples of the state;

c)            Enhancing multi-sectoral development of Yobe State

d)            Putting in place effective road networks for enhanced physical mobility between our people and other parts of the country.

e)            Fostering peaceful co-existence among people of the state and also with our neighbours;

f)            Encouraging communities to imbibe the spirit of self help as complementary to Government efforts.


g)            Ensuring continued cooperation and harmony between the State Government and the 17 Local Government Areas in the

         formulation and implementation of projects of interest.  This   we believe will reduce unnecessary waste to the barest minimum, if not entirely.


20. Based on the foregoing, the 2010 Budget will have in focus, the

following objectives:-

a)    Completing all on-going projects that spilled over from 2009;

b)    Continuing the building up and rebuilding of educational and other social infrastructural facilities on which the rapid, intensive and integrated development of the State highly depends;

c)    Providing greater job opportunities for our youth and other unemployed citizens;

d)    Sourcing for appropriate external technical assistance and cooperation programmes for development and programme enhancement

e)    Pursuing further programme on improved and cleaner environment to ensure a healthier Yobe State.

f)    Exploring areas of collaboration on Public Private Partnership  (PPP) basis.

g)    Ensuring greater efforts aimed at harnessing the considerable revenue potentials of the state to ensure collection of higher internally generated revenue in the year 2010, and;

h)    To further promote probity, transparency and accountability in the conduct of Government business.



21.  You are no doubt aware that since the inception of this administration, in May 2007 we have been pursuing deliberate policies and programmes aimed at enhancing Agriculture, with the main objectives of achieving self-sufficiency and self-reliance in both food and cash crops production for the general socio-economic development of our State.  In an effort to realize our objectives, improved seeds, better storage facilities, fertilizer, Chemicals and pesticide will be made available to our farmers.  

22.    The State Government shall also fulfill all its obligations by ensuring prompt release of the counterpart fund contributions in respect of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Special Programme on Food Security (SPFS) and Fadama III Project.  Other measures that we intend to implement in 2010 include:-

a)        Modernization of agricultural production, processing and storage through provision of new improved technology, hybrid and seedlings.

b)        Development of Farm Centers and expansion of the Youth Empowerment Farm Schemes,

c)         Promotion of intermediate technology through  purchase of matching bulls, ox-carts, ridgers and inter-row cultivators under the animal traction loan scheme;

d)        Encouraging and assisting Farmer Associations to ensure their involvement in the management of various incentives aimed at promotion of agriculture in the State.

a)    Procurement of Grains for Yobe State Grains Reserve Programme and;

b)    Provision of water pumps, tube wells, wash boreholes to support irrigation farming among others.

23.  Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, in an effort to enhance our natural endowments and consolidate our position as one of the front line states in livestock and fish production in the country, the Budget 2010 will focus on procurement and distribution of vaccines and construction of veterinary clinics.  Similarly, loading ramps will be constructed, while efforts shall be intensified for the completion of the Damaturu Veterinary Clinic. 

Similarly, efforts will be intensified for cattle fattening and small ruminant breeding, purchase of drugs and vaccine for mass animal vaccination as well as improvement of Gujba cattle range and Nguru Livestock Investigation and Breeding Centre (LIBC) among others.

24.  Towards actualizing our goals in the field of fisheries, we shall procure high protein content fish feeds, reactivate the fish hatchery at Gashu’a and award contract for the construction of new fish ponds for research and demonstration.  In the same vein, we shall continue to fulfill our obligation by paying the counterpart funds in respect of ECOWAS loan on Accelerated Artisanal Fish Production Project (AAFPP).

25.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, it is a well-known fact that Yobe is geographically located in a fragile zone that is most often prone to drought, desertification and other environmental hazards. Obviously we should not allow this situation to continue as leaving it unchecked will lead to total loss of our farms as well as the faunal and floral bio diversity on which we depend for our subsistence.

26.     The utter desolation of our environment has continued to impress on us the need to protect and preserve our eco-system from further degradation. 

In the year 2010 we shall put additional emphasis on green belt programme for combating desertification, oasis development, poverty reduction through promotion of date palm plantations among others.    In the same vein we will not relent in our efforts to ensure the survival of the Kumadugu Yobe River. Government will purchase heavy-duty machinery and equipment for the Environmental Protection Agency.  Similarly, we will purchase motorcycles and vehicles for effective monitoring and impact assessment.  Furthermore, more tube wells and hand pumps will be drilled for use in nurturing our plantations in addition to establishment of new nurseries. 

27      Government will equally continue to fund the activities of NEAZDP. In an effort to further derive more benefits from NEAZDP activities, we shall establish linkage with European Union and National Planning Commission to ensure re-commencement of the funding agreement.  In the same manner, we will establish linkage with the Federal Ministry of Environment, International Donor Agencies, Multi-lateral Organizations and other stakeholders concerned with the protection and preservation of the environment with a view to benefiting from their services.


28.   Our policy thrust in this sub-sector will be geared towards laying a solid commercial and industrial base for the state. In an effort to achieve our objective in this sub-sector, we will continue to provide equity finance for the completion and furnishing of the 3-Star Hotel and the Soda Ash Plant, Yusufari.  Government will equally provide working capital, equipment and spare parts for the Hydro-foam block making factory, Sahel Aluminum factory, polythene and woven sack factory, Doforga Spring water bottling plant and the Yobe Fertilizer factory. 

29.     We intend to gradually privatize these pioneer industries in order to give these companies the needed financial muscle, managerial acumen, and detach the Government from running these companies.  Machine and equipment will be procured for distribution an loan to our people through the Small Scale Credit Board so that they become self-employed.   The work on the renovation of Damaturu State Hotel will be completed while contract for the renovation and furnishing of the State Hotels at Potiskum, Gashu’a and Nguru will be awarded. Government will also inject N100 million to re-capitalize the Yobe Securities Company Limited.


30.     We have since realized that the much-desired industrial development in our rural areas and some Urban settlements will not be achieved without adequate and reliable power supply. That is why we shall embark on an aggressive electrification policy.

31.     To further realize our objective in this sub-sector, efforts will be intensified in the year 2010 to electrify our towns and villages.  In this respect contract will be awarded for the construction of Dakasku, Kortoni and Damaya in addition to construction of ICT/TDN at Damakarwa and Marma.  While all on-going electrification projects will be completed, our major towns will benefit from extension of poles.  Furthermore, Solar-Powered street light will be installed along Damaturu ring road as well as road signs at the round about.  Another significant reform measure is that, Government will connect the existing diesel powered stations to the National Grid and complete all the on-going electrification projects and ensure continued purchase of equipment.

32.     While in the transport sub-sector we intend to procure more buses to add to the fleet of Yobe Line, more tricycles or KEKE NAPEP will be procured to ease transportation in the major towns.


33.  The importance attached to the Transportation sector towards the improvement of socio-economic activities of this state in particular and the Nation in general cannot be over emphasized.  In realisation of this, the State Government will, in the year 2010, intensify efforts to ensure the completion of the ongoing road projects including asphalt overlaying in respect of Nguru to Machina road, Kaliyari-Bayamari-Gaidam road and Damaturu Township and Housing Estate roads, including new township roads and drainages.  Contracts will also be awarded for the construction of the following: Maiduwa-Gadaka road;

Damaturu-Bundigari road; Danchuwa-Garin Bingel road, Nzamma-Mairari-Kanamma road, completion of Karage Bridge and spur road; Gashu’a-Yusufari road, Bunigari-Gulani road; Gashu’a-Dumbari-Dadigar road; Jaji Maji-Karasuwa road, Daya-Fadawa road, ensure completion of Geidam to Bukarti road; asphalt overlaying of Tikau-Jajere road; completion of Geidam to Maine Soroa road; maintenance of existing roads; completion of Gujba-Mutai-Gabai-Ngotala road; as well as continuation of work on the construction of Garin-Alkali-Jakusko-Potiskum road, Kanamma-Yunusari-Yusufari-Karasuwa-Kumaganam-Mayori –Gumshi to Machina road among others.


34.   Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, education always has a pride of place in this administration.   We strongly believe that education is the greatest investment a state or a nation can make for the long run development of its economic, physical and human resources.  To realize our educational objectives, this sector has the lion share of N11, 566,808,000 to finance its capital programmes and recurrent expenditure.  The import of this is to improve literacy level in our state, reduce the gap between us and the educationally advanced states in the Federation and more importantly to empower our people.   As a deliberate policy, in the 2010 Budget, emphasis shall be on completion and furnishing of the Yobe-Turkish International College Mamudo, completion of rehabilitation of dilapidated structures in our schools and purchase of Teaching-learning materials like text books, laboratory equipment, computers and furniture.  We shall also release funds for the payment of scholarships, bursaries, tuition and registration fees and other grants, student feeding, and payment of counterpart fund contribution.  Government shall also effect general improvement of our tertiary institutions through construction of libraries, laboratories, lecture halls, workshops and renovation of existing structures among others. 

The existing BEST Centres would be provided with working materials, while new ones will be established at Dapchi, Nangere, Ngelzarma and Nguru.


35. In recognition of the importance of Health Care delivery in the socio-economic development of the state, this administration will continue to accord both the curative and preventive aspects of health care service delivery deserved priority attention.  This is aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals target of Health for all by the year 2015. 

36.     To realize our objectives in the health sector, the hospitals and comprehensive health centres in the state will be rehabilitated, while existing facilities will be expanded and maintained.  We shall continue to observe all National Immunization Days against the six killer diseases.  Recruitment and training of Health personnel for effective implementation of our health policies and programmes will also be intensified during the 2010 financial year.  We shall equally continue to pay our counterpart obligations in respect of Health System Department Fund, African Development Bank and UNICEF Assisted activities while drugs, vaccines, laboratory reagents, and equipment, ambulances and other vehicles, furniture and other vital equipment will be purchased for our health centres and hospitals. 

Government will also continue to fund the activities of the Board of Traditional medicine, and render assistance to Guinea Worm, Mass De-worming, Tuberculosis control (TBC) Roll Back Malaria as well as other supportive programmes.           In an effort to give the primary healthcare special focus, our administration will establish Primary Healthcare Management Board in the State


37. In the information sub-sector, the Ministry of Home Affairs Information and Culture is charged with the responsibility of disseminating information on the policies and programmes of Government through the various information outfits and periodic publications and bulletins.

38.       In order to sustain and further expand on this sub-sector, we intend to complete the Cultural Centre, embark on construction of open air studio for the YTV, purchase more vehicles and award contract for the rehabilitation of the Yobe Broadcasting corporation and purchase of office furniture, equipment, generators and computers for the Ministry, YTV, Yobe Printing Press and YBC among others.



39      In the women development sub-sector and in consonance with the objectives of this administration to bring women into the main stream of development process, the Ministry of Women Affairs will continue to be encouraged and supported to mobilize and enlighten women to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic and political development of the State in particular and the Nation at large. In this budget, we will continue to pay attention to the plight of the less privileged and disabled persons in our society with a view to raising their standard of living as well as integrating them into the mainstream of the society through our various programmes, concerned with the provision of working materials and rehabilitation centers, Blind workshops, hand craft, skill acquisition and Home Economic centers.

40.     More Home Economics equipment and other working materials will be purchased and distributed to women groups, while Dr (Mrs.) Maryam Sani Abatcha Maternal and Childcare Centre will receive further improvement through construction of residential quarters, and a Pharmacy unit.  Raw materials will also be provided to the cottage industries.


41.     We also have a responsibility of mobilizing the Youths in order to create a generation of responsible and dedicated youths into whose hands the future of this nation can be entrusted, with the hope that they will be adequately prepared for the task of leadership having imbibed the values of sacrifice.  

42    Our Youth will continue to be empowered through provision of more educational and job opportunities as a strategy for poverty alleviation, job creation and self-reliance. In the 2010 financial year, sporting activities will be boosted further so as to enable the State contingents continue to participate in national and international sporting competitions through the development of men and women of healthy minds and bodies.  Contract will be awarded for the construction of Community Sports Centre at Geidam, renovation of existing hostels and maintenance of facilities at the August 27 Stadium  in addition to purchase of sport equipment, generator set, and furnishing among others. The Youth Empowerment and Training Programme will also receive further boost with a provision for take-off capital and seed money aimed at providing jobs for the unemployed youth, particularly those that have undergone our Youth Training Programmes.


43.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, you may wish to note that the Yobe State Government guided by the spirit of its continuous desire to free its citizens from the vicious circle of poverty and bring about effective and sustainable development in collaboration with the Federal Government has entered into credit agreement with the World Bank in 2001 to Finance the Community Based Poverty Reduction Project (CBPRP).

44.     The State Agency for Poverty Reduction from the inception of its activities in January 2002 to 31st March, 2009 has implemented 838 micro projects covering all the 17 Local Government areas of the State at the total cost of N1.7 Billion.

45.     As a build up to consolidate on the achievements recorded by the Community Based Agency for Poverty Reduction in the State, the State Government has further expressed its interest to participate in a  new project which is referred to as the Community and Social Development Project. The Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) is a new concept and development strategy to meet community demand for social projects. It is on record that the former Agency has been ranked as the best in the implementation of the project among its peers over the years. 

May I therefore urge the staff and the management of the agency to collectively rededicate themselves to their duties to maintain this enviable feat throughout the period of the implementation of this project which activities commenced with its launching in the State on 1st September, 2009. 

46      On our part, I wish to stress that, the State Government will continue to give the Agency every support and encouragement including prompt release of its funding obligations to achieve the desired objectives.  The Agency proposes a budget of N400 million, for the year 2010 out of which the sum of N300 million will come from the World Bank IDA Credit, and the sum of N100 million will be provided by the State Government as its contribution. Furthermore the sum of N320 million or (80%) is earmarked for Community projects while the sum of N80 million or (20%) is earmarked as operation cost.


47.     Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, the provision of potable water for human and livestock consumption, agricultural activities and industrial use will continue to be given due priority by this administration. In an effort to consolidate on our gains, the exploitation of water resources will continue to be based on the strategies of drilling more boreholes, construction of dams, control gates, refurbishing of dormant boreholes and concrete lined cement wells throughout the State.  We will equally continue to procure generating sets, transformers, submersible pumps fuel and lubricants, as well as ensure the maintenance of service rigs, boreholes and other equipment.

48.     We will also intensify efforts to ensure completion of work on the construction of the Damaturu regional water project.  In this respect, the State Government and benefiting Local Governments will pay their counterpart contributions in respect of that project and the WSSSRP scheme.


49. In an effort to achieve our broad based objectives in Land and Survey sub-sector, emphasis will be given to the review of the master plan of our major towns in 2010.  Similarly, Government will effect payment of compensation for structures acquired for Government projects and other purposes, establish Geological Laboratory as well as ensure purchase of furniture and equipment among others for the Ministry.


50.       In the area of housing, Government shall continue to accord top most priority attention to the provision of houses in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals set target on Housing for all by the year 2015. We also ensure that the psychological satisfaction derived from a decent functional house has direct relationship to efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the workers and generality of the citizenry.

51.       In this regard, in the year 2010, emphasis shall be placed on completion of the 300 Housing Units along Maiduguri road including provision of access road, landscaping, water reticulation.  We shall also ensure completion and furnishing of Yobe State Government Lodge at Maine-Soroa, Similarly, contract will be awarded for the construction of another 300 Housing units in the year 2010, while work on the construction of 256 Housing Units will be completed.   Provision has also been made for the construction of 60 units of 2 bedroom houses by the Yobe State Housing and Property Development Corporation.  Furthermore, provision for water, electricity, drainage etc for these estates has been made.  I wish to reiterate that we will map out strategies of establishing contacts with the Federal Ministry of Housing and urban Development and the New Nigeria Development Company (NNDC) and other stake holders concerned with the provision and development of housing to enable our state benefit from their services.


52.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, the Ministry of Integrated   Rural Development will continue to play its vital   role   as   catalyst   

for community development and provision of infrastructure like rural feeder roads, culverts, bridges and provision of matching grants to cooperative societies.  In the coming fiscal year, emphasis shall be placed on construction of rural feeder roads to link Dawasa, Chukuriwa, Kukuri and Ngelzarma-Koriyel-Mashio, Nguru to Kumagannam.  The Ministry’s office block will be extended, new plants purchased and old ones repaired.

53. Furthermore, construction of more culverts and bridges will be undertaken.  In addition to these, brand new tippers, concrete mixing machines, motor cycles, office equipment will be purchased, while renovation of zonal offices will be undertaken.



54.     The Government House is the seat of Power as well as the pivot of State administration.  In consideration of this, I wish to assure this gathering that the Government House will continue to remain open and accessible to all people irrespective of their social status. For the 2010 fiscal year, funds will be allocated to cover recurrent services which include payment of salaries, upkeep of the Government House, Deputy Governor’s house and Government Lodges in Damaturu, Lagos, Maiduguri, Kaduna and Abuja.

55.   The Governor’s Office on the other hand is the nerve centre of government activities and is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of all Ministries, Boards, Parastatals and Departments in the State, as well as liaising with Federal Ministries and foreign organizations. It further monitors the execution of projects and implementation of the policies and programmes of the State Government as well as maintaining amicable relationship with the legislature and judiciary. Together with the other arm under the Head of the State Civil Service, which handles issues relating to staff promotion, appointments, discipline, staff welfare and manpower development the two offices will be strengthened to perform their duties more effectively to ensure enhanced service delivery.  In the year 2010, efforts will be geared towards the completion and commissioning of the office complexes now under construction. To tackle the problem of acute shortage of offices for our civil servants, public and political office holders, construction of new offices, renovation and expansion of offices will be carried out. Similarly, furnishing of offices, purchase of Computers, equipment, vehicles and other working materials as well as manpower development will continue to be given due attention.

56.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, in our concerted effort to give our budgetary and planning mechanism the right atmosphere to operate, we will continue to give monitoring aspect special focus owing to the importance we attach to effective planning and budgeting.  It is a fact that poor planning has always added to economic woes rather than solving them. We have also realized that Our Budgetary provisions cannot be effectively implemented without proper control and monitoring at any given period.

 57    In an effort to achieve our objectives and to follow planned programme, we shall intensify efforts to strengthen effective monitoring.  In keeping with this, approval for release of funds will continue to be based on budgetary provisions. Efforts will also be geared towards re-directing public sector spending to conform with Due Process principles.  This will further instill fiscal transparency, strict compliance with procedures, promote effectiveness and efficiency in costing, prioritization and effective execution of budgeted expenditure items. Our objective is to ensure that Budget and public spending in general were appropriately geared towards realization of the set targets.

58.     Furthermore, the overall goal of this Administration shall continue to be the creation of an enabling environment necessary to stimulate sustained growth and development.  Having experienced the pangs of the global economic meltdown in the last twelve months or so, Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members, it is imperative for government to adopt some re-adjustment measures in its fiscal policy in order to cushion the effect of unstable and even declining government income. To that effect, we intend to take reform measures aimed at reducing over dependence on statutory allocation to achieve fiscal balance and ensure transparency.  This also conforms with the resolutions of the decision taken at a meeting of Governors of the 19 Northern States.

59.   To achieve this, the Ministry of Finance should henceforth give emphasis on collection of more revenue, rather than concentrating on disbursement.

60.  In view of the observed inadequacies, the State Government will from January 2010 take more aggressive measures towards generation of internal revenue.  Taking this into consideration, some of the measures that will be taken include:-

a)            Upward review of tariffs, fees and licenses which will be worked out for implementation in the first quarter of the year. 

b)            Establishment and strengthening of the revenue court to try tax defaulters, evaders and violators

c)            Establishment and strengthening of mobile courts to prosecute road users who do not have valid documents;

d)            Strengthening and reinvigoration of the management of the Board of Internal Revenue to be responsible and sensitive to the myriad of demands on revenue generation;

e)            Ministries and Agencies are to adopt and enforce measures that will ensure that all revenue collected are remitted into the coffers of the State Government. Accordingly, Accounting Officers in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies will be held responsible for diversion of any revenue funds

f)            The activities of the Board of Internal Revenue will also be computerized and networked to conform to modern practices.

61.     A committee will soon be formed to advise Government on how best to achieve our objective of collecting enhanced internally generated revenue. The Secretary to the State Government is hereby directed to submit proposal on the formation of this advisory committee.



62.     The Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs shall continue to play its role of guiding, rendering assistance and support to the Local Governments to perform their functions according to the provisions of the Constitution. Local Governments are supposed to complement the programmes of the State Government in improving the condition and standard of living of the people of their respective areas in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner. To achieve the desired objective, the Local Government Councils are expected to prepare and submit their budgets for approval soonest.


63.     Let me take this opportunity to assure all our citizens that we shall not relent in our efforts towards full implementation of Sharia. As a complete way of life, Sharia is all about peace, orderliness in society, unity and harmony where the followers of other religions are allowed to practice their religion without let or hindrance in the spirit of mutual tolerance and respect. For the 2010 fiscal year, the Ministry of Religious Affairs will continue to evolve a policy where large Tsangayas, which are far away from the source of electricity supply, will be provided with solar powered light, shades, classes and other support services.  Similarly it will continue with mobilization for Da’awa activities, regulation of preaching to forestall the emergence of miscreants like the Boko Haram as well as monitoring the implementation of Shari’a in the state.

64.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, in the Special Duties sub-sector, we will continue to support the Ministry aimed at mapping out strategies that will ensure poverty reduction in the State . We will equally ensure the State Government’s participation in Local Bilateral Committee meetings. Furthermore the Ministry will be provided with working materials like computers, filling cabinets as well as vehicles among others to perform its duties effectively.  Similarly, we will continue to support the Emirate Councils to enable them perform their traditional roles effectively and efficiently.


65.     It is a fact that, the foundation and development of democracy and good governance the world over is deeply and firmly rooted in the speedy dispensation of justice and guaranteeing of the fundamental human rights and freedom of all citizens. Taking this into consideration, this Administration shall continue to ensure that judicial services are made accessible and as near to the door steps of the common man as possible. Accordingly, in the 2010 fiscal year, efforts will be made to provide all the requisite working materials, and create conducive atmosphere through construction of courts, residences for state counsels at Potiskum, Nguru, Geidam, provision of law books, computers, payment of allowances and statutory contribution to Body of Benchers, Nigeria Bar Association and Council for Legal Education.

66.     In the same manner, we shall continue to support the Judiciary to enable it operate effectively. This administration is appreciative of the fact that a central defining attribute of a modern civilization is the supremacy of the rule of law. It is our firm conviction that, an independent, just and incorruptible judiciary is a sine-qua-non to good governance and democracy, and therefore we shall continue to preserve and respect the independence of the judiciary and ensure observance of the rule of law.

67.     We shall continue with the various measures taken to enhance the working conditions of all judicial officers. On the other hand, it is expected that the judiciary will reciprocate this good gesture by ensuring that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done within the shortest possible time – for as the saying goes “Justice delayed, is indeed Justice denied”. 


68.  In an effort to ensure that full accountability, probity and prudence are maintained at all times in the execution of Government policies and programmes,  this administration will continue to ensure accountability in all Government  dealings through effective monitoring mechanisms at all levels in the state for the attainment of our developmental objectives.  In this regard, the Audit Department shall continue to be given all necessary support and encouragement to perform its duties effectively and efficiently.  To show the way, I hereby direct the Auditor General for both State and Local Government Audit departments to complete all audit reports that have not been duly completed.  Similarly, the Ministry of Finance must ensure that final account of each year that has ended is made ready for auditing not more than six months into the new fiscal year.  These directives must be adhered to strictly.


69.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, we have also noted that, Government cannot successfully carry out its policies and programmes without the full backing of an effective and efficient Civil Service. Efforts shall therefore continue to be made to restructure, sanitize and reinvigorate the service to further make it more productive, innovative and vibrant.

70.     On our part, I wish to assure all our serving and retired civil servants that we shall continue with our welfare packages and regular payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities promptly.  We shall also continue to maintain good working relationship with all labour unions. We also expect that labour unions will continue to reciprocate these gestures by always choosing the path of dialogue and understanding in order to ensure success in the implementation of our lofty policies and programmes.

71.     To achieve our objectives, both the Civil Service and the Local Government Service Commission will continue to be given all the necessary support through renovation of offices, provision of furniture and equipment among others to enable them discharge their roles effectively.


72.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, it is obvious that for the operation of the Presidential system of Government as enshrined in the principles of separation of powers, the legislative arm of Government is a key player in any democratic dispensation. This administration fully appreciates and recognizes the importance of the Legislative Arm of Government as a partner in progress, and therefore shall continue to provide it with necessary facilities and conducive atmosphere to enable the Honourable Members discharge their constitutional responsibilities.

73.     Let me emphasize that, I really cherish the good working relationship between the executive and the legislature as well as the judiciary over the past 2 and a half years. It is my fervent hope and prayers that this harmonious and fruitful relationship shall continue to flourish and blossom for the continuous consolidation of democracy and promotion of the well being of the good people of Yobe.  In the 2010 Budget, provision has been made for the completion of wall fencing of the Assembly Complex, purchase of utility vehicles, construction of ultra modern committee rooms, renovation and furnishing of existing offices and provision of equipment and other working materials for the Honourable House.


74.  Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, it is common knowledge that in the recent years, we have recorded significant improvement in our continuing effort to combat the menace posed by men of the underworld. This I believe is as a result of the unprecedented combined efforts of the security operatives and the complementary role of Sarkin Baka Vigilante groups in checking crime in the State. I therefore wish to acknowledge sincerely the crucial contributions of all those involved in these efforts, both civilians and men in uniform. I wish to assure all our citizens that the State Government will continue to be alive to its primary responsibility of protecting the lives and property of the citizens during the next fiscal year and beyond through provision of logistic support, payment of RCA, fuel etc. to our security operatives and the vigilante groups.

75.  Let me appeal to our people to continue to live in peace and co-exist harmoniously with one another for the development of our State and in the interest of National unity, cohesion, consolidation and entrenchment of democracy in our country. I wish to reiterate that, if we remain united, peace will not elude us, for from peace comes happiness and with happiness we can win the war against economic under development, social and political degeneration.  I wish to also appeal to our Ulama and all men of good will to continue to pray to Allah for peace, harmony, well-being, good health and prosperity for all our people.



78.     Your Excellency, Mr. Speaker and Hon. Members, Your Royal Highnesses, distinguished invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, the noble intentions we plan for the year 2010 to obtain good results cannot be easily realized without your fullest support and cooperation. You have been exhibiting these qualities since our assumption of office, and this has enabled us to achieve a lot in implementation of the progressive, dynamic and pragmatic policies and programmes that we set for Yobe.

79.     I want to take this opportunity to once again thank the entire people of Yobe for their show of ample faith in the policies and programmes of this administration. I salute you all for your continuous loyalty, solidarity, support and cooperation to this administration, without which we could not have achieved what we have achieved so far. 

80.     Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I have brought to the Honourable House these Bills with a strong conviction, optimism and hope that they shall as usual receive meticulous scrutiny, objective assessment, fair deliberations, smooth and speedy passage by the special grace of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala.

81.     Finally, it is now my singular honour, duty and privilege to present to you Mr. Speaker, the draft 2010 Appropriation and Finance Bills today Wednesday 30th December, 2009.  I wish you Allah’s Guidance in your deliberations. Amin.


Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah 



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