Thinking about New Decoration and Furnishing?

How comfortable are we with the decorations and fittings in our rooms, especially the living and dining rooms? How do we take care of our home decorations with modest resources?


Women as the real homemakers may find this topic on interior decoration interesting in this month edition of HomeMakers .


As you may be aware home decoration is an integral part of home making. In fact our home reflects our image and character of which our visitors perceive our family.


In several instances, especially for us the womenfolk, we try to imitate our friends who have uplifted and enhanced their wardrobes, beddings and furniture. We may have justification for such sheer envy but we must also put in the back of our mind the size and shape of our homes whether they accommodate such decorations and furnishings. Changes became a necessity when old items become eyesores while broken and damaged furnishings make our homes awfully unattractive.


Many of us find ourselves in the same old-fashioned décor, a parlour filled with inherited artefacts from family and toy-gifts from friends. We may still cherish and love them but we have to preserve them in appropriate places in the houses. We have to look for ways of combining those old treasure and the new items to create a unique and refined look for our homes.


It is Marjorie Marcellus, an interior design instructor who said that “a successful interior is not determined by the cost of its components.” The cost of decorative materials and fixtures may not matter but the fitting, relevance and logical arrangement within the given space should be top priority in our consideration.


There should be balance and harmony of related items in our decoration.


Whatever we require whether we are moving into new house or deciding to change some decorative items including furniture, high quality and standard should be considered. It is not how expensive our acquisitions are but how fitting they look in our environment.


The general rule is therefore to keep things simple, clean and moderate. Simple and clean materials naturally look expensive because people naturally associate clean materials as classy like pricey designer-brands. The reality is that affordable well fitted items may look more elegant than outrageously expensive materials whose price may go on notice. The focal point is to keep our homes modest, simple and attractive with relevant items.


I must add that while shopping, we should be patient enough to look for varieties for different prices, matching colours and accessories.


To create dramatic and less expensive changes to our homes, we may change the paint on the walls, buy new curtains and replace the furniture in the living and dining rooms. These may not be necessary if what they require is cleaning, repairs and retouching or adding some auxiliaries as supplement. For instance we can change the cover of the chairs, fix the broken table and retouch the same paint.


What really makes a room look rich and nice, may not be an expensive budget, but the time, consciousness  and creativity in putting things right. We should always cut our coat according to our sizes as our fingers are not equal.


Till next month when we shall look at another issue on home making.




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