Nigeria: A Road to Anarchy

altNigeria: A road to anarchy?
It is bitter but real. An average Nigerian is immune to bad governance, corruption, insecurity, poverty, hunger and lack of basic ammenities. In the villages they build their own wells, resorted to traditional medicine to cure their sick, they sleep in the darkness or used the ‘Obasanjo ya kasa’ lantern.
They hire the vigilante to patrol their streets, settle their dispute amicably through the traditional institutions, they abandoned the western school system, because they saw in reality those who finished from there end up being nuisance in the society.
In the cities, those who can afford buy generators, dig bore-holes, send their children to private schools or overseas, fly to Egyp or Saudi Arabia for medical help, they also hire vigilante groups to patrol their streets. However, unlike the villages, where communality is still working, in the city everyone is to himself. Dirty streets, congestion everywhere, poor town planning, lost of societal values etc.
What future do we see for our dear country Nigeria? The issue is not the President health, even if the President were to be around the same problems persist. Nigeria is a failed state. No functional school system, hundreds and thousands are failing their final examination, which in years to come may become a societal problem, no basic skills, semi-illiterates, unable to contribute anything to the society. And we keep talking, deceiving and lying to ourselves that things are working. How? We have ourselves to blame, we take things for granted and left our destiny in the hands of criminals, rogues and thieves. The future is bleak for over 150 million people and the effect of this neglect has started catching up with us. Let us continue stealing and amassing billions and stashing them in foreign banks, but the truth is that, there is a pay day. We have seen what happened in Somalia, Liberia and Sierra-leon and other African countries, where injustice, bad governance, corruption became a norm
Kabiru Danladi Lawanti,
Area 11, Garki,
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